Axel gives another tug at the bindings. It jerks Demyx's shoulders, and draws a sound out of his throat that doesn't sound anything like pain. He loops the end of the rope around itself, tugs again, and tucks the end in.

"How's that?" he asks, leaning back a little to admire the elaborate latticework of ropes keeping Demyx's arms immobilised around his back. One arm is pulled up between his shoulderblades, the fingers splayed out, hand palm up, and the other is pulled diagonally down his back, so his hand rest just above his own hip. The ropes are woven and twisted between them, and laced around his chest, crisscrossing and twisting back on themselves more than a dozen times. His legs are free, but only for them moment; Axel has more rope ready at hand if he decided he needs it.

Demyx squirms, and twitches his fingers, and lets out a little moan. His shoulders have a tiny amount of room to shift, but it's almost nothing at all. He nods. Axel reaches out, and draws one finger down the back of Demyx's neck, making his junior gasp, and bow his head, exposing the skin as his hair falls forward.

"Say it," Axel says, taking his hand away. "You know I want to hear you say it."

"Aaaaxeeell..." Demyx moans. "Yes." He's taking these quick shallow breaths, because the ropes keep his chest from expanding much.

"'Yes'...?" Axel murmurs.

"Yes. It's good," Demyx replies, his voice growing more hoarse with each word. He tugs on the bindings; it doesn't look like a deliberate gesture. Axel hears him swallow. "It's good," Demyx says again, in a rough whisper.

"Good," Axel says, all but purring the word out. He kneels down beside Demyx, and threads fingers through his hair, a gentle stroke that turns into a sharp tug, pulling his junior's head up, so he can see his face.

Demyx's eyes are dark, and heavy lidded as he looks up at Axel, his lips wet and slightly parted, like an obscene promise, and the sight makes Axel's cock twitch, growing harder. His pants are loose enough today that it's not uncomfortable yet, but knows that it will be soon. Demyx leans forward, pulling against Axel's grip in his hair, to press his face against Axel's groin, rubbing against his erection, mouth open, and breathing warm air against the cloth.

Axel lets him for a few moments, half-shutting his eyes, and feeling the gentle pressure as he gets harder against Demyx's face. Demyx leans in a little, pressing harder, and Axel jerks his head back, tugging sharply on his hair.

"Did I say you could?" he asks. His junior gives him a look that Axel could easily mistake for hurt if he didn't know better.

"No," Demyx replies. "Can I? I want to." He squirms a little, and leans up higher on his knees, bending his neck at a painful angle, because Axel doesn't let him bring his head up.

"Watch it, or I'll tie your legs up, too," Axel replies.

"Oh, please," Demyx replies, his lips spreading in a wide, enticing smile. Axel responds with a sharp thin smile.

"I'll tie your legs up, and I won't touch you," he continues. "And I'll jerk off where I can see you, and you can't see me." Demyx whimpers, and shudders, the ropes digging into his skin with the motion. Axel can already see the red marks forming in his skin; they'll last even after he unties Demyx, for a little while. And knowing Demyx, he'll probably strain against them until he bruises.

The thought of doing that anyway is very tempting. To tie Demyx up, and maybe hang him on the wall, like a piece of art. The ropes would leave bruises for sure then, and then he would be a work of art.

"No, please," Demyx says, a kind of mirror of what he said before. "I want-- Please," he says again. Axel pulls him a little farther, twisting his back as well as his neck, and Demyx cries out. "Please."

"You think I should let you?" Axel asks. He shifts his position slightly, reaching down with his free hand to stroke himself lightly through his pants. Demyx just whimpers again, and moans, leaning into Axel's pull, and straining in his ropes.

Abruptly, Axel releases Demyx's hair, and his junior lets out a sharp gasp, and topples to the ground. He lies there gasping, short sharp breaths, as Axel strips slowly out of his pants. He's just inside Demyx's line of sight, and with those dark eyes watching him, he makes a show of it.

Pops the buttons, one at a time, and then his thumbs are in his waistband, skimming over his hips. Axel can see Demyx's hands twitching and straining, getting redder around the ropes, and he knows his junior is imagining his own hands there. He arches his back, sliding the soft leather slowly down his thighs, and then stepping out of them with a dancer's grace.

He runs a finger along his cock, scraping over the head to pick up a drop of precome. Demyx makes this high, needy sound, and Axel kneels down near him again, and extends the finger towards him. Demyx has to shift and squirm and stretch, just enough, to flick his tongue out, and swipe it over Axel's fingertip.

Axel curves his finger slightly, letting the nail scrape over Demyx's tongue, and is rewarded with a little sound from his junior. He pulls his hand away sharply, and reaches for one of the intersection points of the bindings, a place with some good grip, to pull Demyx back up again. Demyx looks up himself, and licks his lips.


"You want this?" Axel asks, deliberately stroking himself again. Demyx's eyes go instantly to his cock, and Axel can see them moving to follow his hand. Demyx licks his lips, and looks up again.

"Yes," he replies. "Yes, Axel, please." Axel gives a slow smile, and reaches up to stroke Demyx's hair.

"When you put it like that..." It's an easy matter to tip Demyx's head to the right angle - he almost does it all himself - and slide into that cool, wet mouth. Demyx's throat is already relaxed and ready for him when he pushes further, and Demyx's tongue moves over his flesh like a snake.

He keeps one hand Demyx's hair, and the other on the ropes, and it gives him fantastic leverage to thrust. Demyx moans, and drops his jaw incrementally lower, working his throat around Axel. He has to be aching, and that thought makes Axel's hands tighten, makes him thrust harder, and all Demyx does is lean into it, and moan some more, pulling on the ropes enough to chafe at his skin, and to leave lines of bruises, just like Axel knew he would.

For all that, he keeps his thrusts slow and controlled; he knows Demyx would be thrilled to keep this up, to suck and lick and do obscene things with his throat until Axel comes. But that's not what Axel wants today. Or not all Axel wants, because he does want Demyx to suck, wants to fuck his mouth and leave him with bruised, red lips.

"You want me to come in your mouth?" he asks, punctuating the question with a thrust, and a tug on Demyx's bindings. The affirmative moan buzzes and tingles over his skin like electricty, and Axel bites back a moan of his own. "Yeah?" he asks again. "Does that sound good to you?"

Demyx moans again, and Axel can feel him nodding a little, and leaning further in, pressing his nose into Axel's pubic hair, and swallowing hard. Axel does moan at that, a deep, satisfied sound.

"Too bad," he says, after another breath. "I'm not gonna." Before Demyx can finish making his sound of protest, Axel pulls him back, shifting his grip to another point on the ropes, using leverage to hold him back.

"Aaaaahhhxeeeell..." Demyx whines, straining towards him. Axel holds him where he is, and reaches down again to stroke himself. His cock is slick with Demyx's spit, and it feels good, better than when it's dry. And Demyx is watching, and just looks so hungry, that it's even better.

He strokes himself slowly, and Demyx moans again, shifting to press his own cock between his stomach and his legs. Axel doesn't stop him; he knows Demyx won't come from just that, even with the bindings, until he's a lot more desperate than he already is.

Axel lets him squirm, and stimulate himself for a little while longer, and then pulls him up by the ropes again, shifting to bend him back so he can't. Demyx cries out, and arches, pressing the ropes hard across his chest. He gasps shallow breaths, and looks up at Axel, that dark, hungry look still in his eyes. Axel stops stroking himself to reach out and touch Demyx; his chest, and shoulders, and down his stomach, following the lines of the rope, and never going below his waist.

He keeps it up, ignoring the growing ache in his own arm, ignoring the whines, and whimpers, and moans, until Demyx is quivering, his joints loose despite the rope. And he tips Demyx back up again, moving in closer, closer almost close enough.

"You ready for me?" he murmurs. Demyx's breathing is raspy in his ears. "I want to fuck you, Demyx. I'm going to."

"Yes," Demyx breathes, whining the word out through his teeth. "Yes, Axel, yes, please, please please please." He continues, repeating it like a desperate mantra as Axel shifts him around, letting his face fall to the floor as he moves behind, spreading Demyx's legs low and wide. He doesn't worry about lube; he knows that Demyx will always be as slick as he wants to be. If he wants to be.

When he's in position, Axel reaches for Demyx's bindings again, for two of the convenient twisted crossing points, pulls Demyx back up and then pushes himself in, using the ropes for leverage again. Demyx cries out, and spreads his legs wider, sinking lower, low enough that the head of his cock is brushing the floor at this angle, and that's just about perfect.

"--Axel--" he gasps. Axel thrusts, and pulls back on the ropes at the same time, Demyx's next words melt into a moan without ever gaining coherency. Thrust, and pull, thrust, and pull, in little jerks, or long hard movements, and it's all good. Demyx is slick, and tight, and at this angle, it's easy to get in deep, to sink almost to his balls until he hits something that doesn't give. And Demyx is making these beautiful little sounds as each thrust sinks home, and Axel can feel the way his arms are flexing, and the way the fingers of his left hand twitch.

When Demyx comes, it's with a sharp cry, and a spasmodic jerk that changes the angle and pushes Axel even deeper than he had been. If Demyx's arms were free, he'd be collapsed forward on them, Axel knows; he can tell be just how much Demyx is sagging in the ropes, by the way his breath comes short and ragged, and the way his body is soft, and moves as Axel thrusts. And he's still making those sounds as Axel thrusts, a little softer, a little breathier.

Axel knows if he had the stamina to keep this up, Demyx would get hard again, but he doesn't, not today. He lasts a few more thrusts, hard into Demyx, until he gets his junior to cry out again, and then he comes. The wave of pleasure comes with a wave of heat, and he channels it, sending that energy out in a brilliant flash-burn that incinerates every rope on Demyx's body.

Demyx makes a surprised sound, and moments later, they both collapse to the floor, breathing hard.