Leaving Bruises


Roxas is a warm weight on Axel's stomach, his skin smooth and dry, and kept that way by the heat in the air. Axel's heat; Axel's room, too, and it's kind of weird to be tied to his own bed. The thought makes him tug at the restraints around his wrists; thick and wide, and made of mythril, so they're stronger than they look.

The gesture makes Roxas smirk, and roll his hips a little against Axel, still stroking himself lightly. It's fucking hot, and it makes Axel's stomach tense, and it does absolutely nothing for the way Roxas is ignoring his cock. Roxas' smirk widens, and Axel makes a sound in his throat; protest, wanting, frustration.

Axel tugs at the restraints again, rattling the chains attached. There's no way he's getting out, he knows; they're his own equipment (and isn't that ironic), and his bed's built for it. He never envsioned getting chained to his own bed. He rolls his hips up, but it does no good, because Roxas is high enough on his stomach, and heavy enough that Axel can't get any leverage.

"Roooxaaaasss..." he moans. Roxas' fingers slide over his own cock, lightly, obviously just enough to help keep him hard, but nowhere near enough to make him come and he looks down at Axel with flushed skin, and little smirk, and still doesn't touch him, anywhere, except where he's sitting.

Axel draws his legs up, bending his knees, and flexing his body as much as he can, glad Roxas didn't tie those down too. The way the little brat sits, square in the middle of his stomach, just out of any kind of reach is maddening.

Roxas tilts his head slightly, and still saying nothing, raises his free hand from his knee, and finally finally touches Axel, sliding fingers into his hair, and tugging his head back sharply. Axel gasps, and arches his back, this time involuntarily.

He can't see Roxas anymore, except his arm, but he can still hear the slide of skin on skin, and feel Roxas' slight shifts in posture. The hand in his hair gives another tug, and Axel makes another high sound that melts into a moan. It's so fucking good to be touched at all. He tugs on the restraints again, and of course it does no good. Roxas releases Axel's hair, and trails fingers down his face, drawing his head back down, thumb trailing over his lips.

Axel opens his mouth, and flicks his tongue out to taste Roxas' skin, and he can see the pupils in those brilliant blue eyes dilate, can hear Roxas' breath catch. Roxas presses his thumb against Axel's tongue, and then draws it out of his mouth, slowly, a speculative look on his face.

"Axel." Roxas' voice is soft and rough, and it draws his attention immediately. "I want--"

"--Yeah," Axel interjects, before Roxas can finish. "I can do it, whatever it is, just fucking touch me." Roxas drags his thumb over Axel's lower lip again, and then again, and Axel flicks his tongue out for another taste. Roxas scoots further up his body, to his chest, hand sliding back into Axel's hair.

"Anything?" Roxas asks. This close, Axel can smell his precome, and that's kind of sexy. He licks his lips, and thinks about it.

"Just about," he replies. Roxas' hand tightens in his hair, and pulls his head back a little. His other hand comes off of his cock, and cups Axel's face, thumb dragging over Axel's lips.

"Open up," he says, and yeah, Axel gets it, and fuck if it doesn't make him even fucking harder, enough to ache in his hips and halfway down his thighs. He pulls himself up by the restraints a little, and parts his lips, dropping his jaw.

The hand on his face moves to his hair, joining the other to hold his head steady as Roxas slides into his mouth. His cock is thick, and hot, and it leaves a salty line of precome across his tongue before it hits the back of his throat, pressing into the soft flesh there. Axel's ready for it, so he doesn't choke, but he's pretty sure he's going to end up with a bruised throat, and.

Even that is somehow fucking sexy, and he wants it, wants to remember this every time he swallows for the next week, or however long it lasts.

Axel rolls his eyes to look at Roxas' face. His eyes are half-shut, and foggy, and his breathing is shallow, and he's shaking a little, clearly holding himself back. Axel nods slightly, and makes an encouraging sound, sucking in air around Roxas' cock, and then sucking him, and sliding his tongue along the flesh.

Roxas makes this sound in his throat, and then draws his hips back, and thrusts. It's rough, and hard on his throat, and he chokes a little this time, but Roxas either doesn't know, or doesn't care, and somehow, that's really fucking hot. His hands tighten in Axel's hair, and tugs. It makes Axel moan, and Roxas' breath hitches, and his hips jerk forward again, and yeah, bruised throat for sure, but it's hot enough that Axel does it again, pitching his voice low.

"Axel--" Roxas gasps, and Axel's pretty sure it's involuntary. He slides his tongue over the bottom of Roxas' cock again, and swallows, shifting his throat against the head. "Fuck--!" The word segues off into a high noise, and Roxas' hands tighten again, and he thrusts--

--and he must have been really fucking horny, because he comes right then, spilling down Axel's throat. Axel swallows, and tugs on the restraints again. He wants to settle his hands on Roxas' thighs, or wrap them around his ass, and hold him there, and then flip him over and fuck him until he comes again.

Roxas keeps thrusting, even after he comes, like he can't help himself. And Axel can't resist; he keeps sucking lightly, and sliding his tongue over that softening flesh, until Roxas whimpers like it hurts, and pulls himself away. Axel immediately flicks his tongue out to lick his lips. There's nothing to clean up there, but he feels the need anyway, and the way Roxas goes red at it, it's not a wasted gesture.

"I want to fuck you," Axel says, his voice low and rough. Roxas licks his lips, and gives him that little smirk again.

"Too bad you're all tied up," he replies. He releases Axel's hair, drawing his fingers out, and sliding back down Axel's stomach. Axel groans in frustration, letting his head fall back against the headboard. When he looks back up again, Roxas' little smirk has grown, and he's stroking himself lightly again.

"Roxas--" Axel protests. He rolls his hips again, but he still can't get leverage, and it's frustrating. Roxas licks his lips, and watches him, his eyes all half-lidded still, and Axel can see that he's starting to get hard again, just a little; it's good to be a teenager, sometimes, and Axel's not so old he can't still remember it.

"I'm going to fuck you," Roxas says, still watching him through those half-lidded eyes. "So you're just going to have to wait."

It takes Axel's brain a few moments to start functioning again, because the words give him the image, like he transported to the future, and looking at them from outside his own body, himself all tied up with shiny silver, and Roxas pounding into him, and it's fucking gorgeous.

"You'd better use lube," is all he says.

"Why?" Roxas asks. "I know you're into pain." He snakes a hand out to tug at Axel's hair again for emphasis.

"Nnnahh--! Not the kind that makes me not able to walk tomorrow," Axel replies. "Fuck. I've never done you without."

"I think you'd like it," Roxas says. His thumb runs over the head of his cock as it grows slowly harder again, and Axel can see the muscles in his stomach twitch. "Not like you have anywhere to be tomorrow." His free hand runs down Axel's chest, and Axel arches up into the touch. "And I think you'll still be able to walk."

"Think you're that good?" Axel counters.

"Yeah," Roxas replies, his voice husky and full of confidence. "I do." Axel swallows, and breathes through his nose. Roxas' fingers brush his lips again, and Axel parts them. The fingers slip in, and Axel sucks on them, swirling his tongue around and between them, watching Roxas' pupils dilate with a certain smugness. Roxas eventually pulls his fingers back out, and trails the damp fingers on Axel's skin.

"If you don't like it," Roxas continues. "I'll stop." He's almost fully hard again, and twitching up into his hand, and Axel thinks he should watch Roxas masturbate more, because it's hotter than any porn he's ever seen. A lot hotter. Axel licks his lips again.

"Okay," he says finally. Roxas' smirk grows wider. He slides down over Axel's hips, and then his thighs, giving his cock the first contact it's had the entire fucking time, and it draws a long, ragged gasp out of him, arching up again, and this time, Roxas presses back, a long, sinuous roll of his hips, like a promise with his body.

Axel groans helplessly, and lets his head fall back again, eyes tightly closed, just for a moment, and that's all it takes for Roxas to slip between his legs, still stroking himself lightly.

"At least fucking stretch me out," he groans.

"Would you even notice if I started jerking you off first?" Roxas asks, punctuating the question with the lightest little touches, teasing Axel's erection.

The worst part is, he probably wouldn't. The look on Roxas' face says he knows it, too.

"That's what I thought," he says, running his finger lightly along Axel's length again. "I'll stretch you out though," he continues, dragging that finger lower, over Axel's balls, which tighten at the touch. And further back, to start pressing slowly into him. "Don't want to hurt myself. Fuck you're tight. When was the last time anybody fucked you?"

"N-not sure," Axel manages.

"Liar," Roxas replies. "You just don't want to tell me." The finger slips all the way in, and then Roxas starts on the second, without even a pause, and the stretch makes Axel hiss, and flex his hands in the manacles.

"No, I-- haa--! Don't," Axel replies. "Drop. Drop it." He relaxes himself, and angles his body to make it easier. Roxas hooks his fingers, and pushes, and Axel sees stars, and gasps something obscene.

"Told you so," Roxas says smugly.

"Yeah right. You're not that good yet. Just fucking lucky," Axel rasps. Roxas presses hard against his prostate again, and then draws back a little, and starts pushing in a third.

That fucking hurts, and Axel moans between his teeth, high and pained. Roxas doesn't even slow down, his other hand moving to hold Axel's hip, eyes fixed on Axel's face. His fingers find Axel's prostate again though, and that's just--

He cries out, arching up in spite of Roxas' hand, and he doesn't even care about the smug little smirk on his face again. Then the fingers are gone, and Roxas' hands are on both his hips, holding them down.

"Fuck, Roxas, let me--" Axel gasps, and then has to swallow.

"'Let you' what?" Roxas asks. Axel rocks his hips up under those hands.

"It's easier if I lift my hips," he says. "Let up, I'll show you--" To his surprise, Roxas does, letting up the pressure, and sliding his hands down a little, enough to let Axel raise his hips a bit.

Then he's there, pressing in, fucking slow, but that's good, because it hurts, but the look on his face, and the sound he's making makes it all fucking worth it as far as Axel's concerned. He can't help the pained sounds though, or the way his hands open and close, and his breathing and heart are both rather too fast, and he's still so hard it hurts.

When Roxas is in, all the way in, and not moving anymore, just there, deep inside him, and stretching him out, rough and raw, and Roxas' precome the only kind of lube between them, it hurts a little, and aches a lot. Roxas leans forward a bit, and massages his hips. It eases the ache, but only enough to emphasise its intensity. Axel knows the only way the ache will ease is to lose himself in it, and that'll never happen with Roxas holding still like that. So he wraps his legs around Roxas' back, and pulls him just that much closer.

"Come on," he says, his voice rough, but steady. "If you're gonna fuck me, fuck me." Roxas gives him a sharp look at that, but he doesn't hesitate anymore, drawing back, and rocking forward, hands tight on Axel's hips. It makes Axel whimper with the pain of it, radiating up his spine, and down his legs, because he's in no fucking way stretched enough for this without lube.

But that's all just fine; Roxas hit it right on the nose when he said Axel's into pain. It adds an edge, makes everything more intense; when the head of Roxas' cock scrapes by his prostate, the burst of pleasure follows the lines of pain, making him throw back his head and whimper for a better reason this time.

He thinks Roxas can tell, because that's when he stops holding back, his slow and careful thrusts becoming harder, each one sending a pulse of ache along with a wave of pleasure, and it's so fucking good, that all Axel can do is lay there, and make a little noise with each thrust.

Then Roxas really leans into it, leaning over Axel, pressing their bodies together so Axel's cock slides between them, and after all this time, that's all it takes to make him come. He sees white, and it feels like every nerve is on fire, and then he's limp, completely unable to move, and Roxas is still fucking him.

Of course, he already came once, and the second time, who knows how long it'll take. Even though it hurts more now (he's going to be bruised there, too, and he knows it'll be a fucking miracle if he isn't bleeding), all Axel can process is Roxas' face, and the sounds he's making, and the way his thrusts are getting slowly more erratic, until finally he gasps, his face red, and his mouth that shape Axel likes best wrapped around his own cock.

He's too bruised to feel it, inside him, but Axel knows for sure that Roxas is done when he pulls out, and sits back a little, groaning. Axel clenches his teeth to bite back another fucking whimper, but then Roxas is kissing him, and it doesn't matter.

"...You're bleeding," Roxas says quietly, when he pulls away.

"That's why I told you to use fucking lube," Axel replies. "So next time, use fucking lube. Got it memorised?" Roxas flushes a brilliant guilty red, and his hands are soft, almost apologetic, trailing over Axel's skin. "Now let me down," Axel continues quietly, looking him right in the eye.

"Okay," Roxas agrees with a nod, sliding his hands up Axel's arms, to trip the pressure catch that can only be reached on the outside. And he must be expecting it, when Axel tumbles him over (pain notwithstanding; he can take the pain), and pins him to the bed.

The look Roxas gives him is wary, and it's clear that he can't read Axel's face.

After a moment, Axel just leans down, and gives him a very light kiss.

"Don't ever tie me up without asking again. Got it memorised?"