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Duo ran his hands along the cold dark metal of Deathscythe. The Gundam gleamed in the dim light coming through the door. With one hand still on his Gundam's leg, Duo turned and looked out the wide panoramic windows set in the outer wall of the colony. At this time of day the veiw of Earth from the L2 colony was spectacular.

"Look at that, buddy," Duo whispered to his Gundam. "It's magnificent, isn't it?" It truly was. The light of the sun reflected off the blue and green of the Earth. It made the planet glitter like some precious jewel set in the dark velvet of space. "Tomorrow. Never thought I'd get off this colony, and now, tomorrow I'll be there." Duo smiled. With a bounce in his step, he bade goodnight to Deathscythe, and left the hangar, closing the door behind him. Tomorrow, they would be on Earth. Tomorrow, they would start a war. Tomorrow, they would be on Earth.