Fan works

      Leaving Bruises (NWS; bondage)
      Not Jailbait (NWS; AU)
      Tastes Like (NWS; bloodplay, biting)
      Leverage (NWS; shibari)
      Resonance ← → Dissonance (NWS; kinky; dominance issues, across the board)
         A Good Idea
         Give and Take
         Most and Least Expected
         Still Outside the Rules
         Something That Lingers
         Shelter From the Storm
         Empty Halls
      Motion (NWS; threesome; bondage)
      Everything Is (Worksafe; post-canon)

///Doctor Who
      Catching Up (NWS; plotty)
      Subjective Time (NWS; plotty; follows Catching Up)
      Deny (NWS; Master POV)
      Rainbow Colours (Worksafe)

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      Even the Gods Must Pay Their Due
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///るろうに剣心///Rurouni Kenshin
      Nightmare (Worksafe; stream of consciousness)