Abra Logar

Polisci 222

April 2005


            The broader topic that my group is, overall, researching is that of class-action lawsuits.  Under this aegis, I intend to focus my research up on the subject of the origin and history of class-action lawsuits.  They havenft always been around; when did they spring into being, and why, and how?  Understanding the origin of a thing is key to understanding the thing itself.  Also, I feel that the history of this topic is very important; it could provide clues as to where class-action lawsuits are going – or perhaps where they should return.  I believe I shall be looking at the origins with an eye to how they could be used to effect reforms, however, my research may pull me into a different direction; this is just a tentative statement. I feel also, that this topic will mesh nicely with those of the other members of my group.