Abra Logar

Anthro 205

01 June, 2005


China: Dynasties of Power

            Like the film on Greece, this one was a walk down memory lane; the Chinese Emperors are a topic that I have made occasional study of, over the years.  Unfortunately, I donft think that the film did a terribly good job in its portrayal of ancient China.  The way it jumped around in time was highly disconcerting, especially for a culture that retained so many of its elements from an early stage.

            I think the Chinese civilization would have been better served by a more linear approach, or at least a clearer description of the order of history.  A history of ancient China was provided, and it was possible to follow – but I donft know if I would have been able to keep the chronology straight if I hadnft been previously familiar with the topic at hand.

            On the plus side, the information presented was accurate and interesting, and the tidbits about the history of silk, and the evidence of just how far it went, before the Chinese even knew about it – those were fantastic.  It is in the little details, which the greatest strength of the film lays.

            However, I still remain highly dissatisfied with the film overall.  I keep coming back to this, but the sequencing is really annoying, basically, and highly non-conducive to overall comprehension.