Abra Logar

Anthro 205

01 June, 2005


The Mystery of Chaco Canyon

            To begin with, Ifd have to say that, for me, this was one of the more interesting videos.  I donft really know much about North American archaeology; my New World archaeological loves have always been south of the border, so to speak, in the Maya, mainly.  As bad as it may sound, Ifve never had much use for civilizations without writing.  However, watching this video has been astoundingly eye-opening – I had no idea that there were ruins like that left in North America.

            Itfs mind-boggling to think that they built these massive structures, and then deliberately abandoned them.  I canft think of any other civilization that would do such a thing.  Buildings like that, would be grand palaces, or temples meant to be used forever.  But we really have no idea.  One of the things that the video mentions that I find highly pertinent is that the problem with pre-literate civilizations is that we can seldom – if ever – know what it is they meant by their buildings and monuments.

            Nevertheless, I really liked the video; then again, I always enjoy learning things I didnft know before.  For me, that was really the best part.  I donft know if Ifll ever look that way again – their solar/lunar obsession is great, and their light calendars are amazing, but not enough, really to hold my interest – but I doubt Ifll ever be able to think about the American Southwest without coming to these people again.

            Another thing that I have to say that I really liked, was the clear role that serendipity had to play.  If Anna Sofaer had not been in the right place at the right time, who knows if we would ever have known about the elight calendar?f  itfs things like that that help to preserve wonder in the world, I think.