The Ranma Rants: Part 02
Since When Can Ranma Do No Wrong?

Welcome to my second Ranma Rant, again about a trend I've noticed in Ranma fics. Time and Time again, I've started reading a fic that seems pretty good, until Ranma suddenly, out of the blue, becomes a saint.

Every action he's ever taken was selfless, and motivated by only by the purest of intentions. After all, Ranma's a good kid, wanting only the best for everyone, and why can't [insert Ranma character here] understand that Ranma only teases/torments them for their own good? Every unkind and uncouth act Ranma's ever performed is *obviously* purely the fault of his vile sire, Genma, and Ranma should be forgiven, and excused from any punishment for his acts.

Gag me with a spoon. If I see one more fic portraying Ranma as a pure and good and unselfish soul surrounded by vile corruption and treachery and violence, I'm going to hurt something, possibly my sanity.

Ranma's a good person, but (as I have said before, in relation to another topic) he's not fucking perfect! He may be a little better than the rank-and-file of Ranma 1/2 characters, but he doesn't qualify for sainthood! Die-hard fans may not like to hear it, but Ranma is flawed. He's a glutton, who's first reaction to an unknown situation is violence, and he has a noticable streak of mysogyny.

Paradoxically, he *is* honourable, and somewhat chivalrous, at least moreso than most in his circle of acquaintences. However - and I'll say it as many times as it takes to get the message across - Ranma isn't a saint! Especially not at the expense of the virtue and integrity of the other characters. After all, even Kunou has a sense of honour (albeit twisted by his personal delusions - but we don't blame the mad for their madness).

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