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Welcome to my new self indulgence. ^_^ What, self indulgence? You bet. I love RK. I love crossovers. I love crossovers with RK in them. I'd really, really, really like to have 'em all in one place. Ergot, self indulgence. ^__^
Oh sure, I know there have to be other people who love this stuff, and this place is for all of you too!! ::waves:: But, well... Ehe... ^^;;
The reason this place is called 'Edge of a Story' (not that it really matters, but I feel like saying it), is twofold. One part of it is, whenever I hear the word 'edge', I automatically think 'sword', which then makes me think 'Kenshin'. ^^; The other half of it is, whenever I hear the word 'edge', I also think of the 'thin line between' realities, different worlds, other dimensions, that sort of thing. So, crossovers. ^__^ Lovely piece of word association, wouldn't you say?
Oki-doki, enough rambling on, now here's the reason you came here for...

Fics. ^_^

Small warning: some of these fics may contain material that some people find objectionable. All the fics here will be labled clearly, so I won't be held responsible if you read something you (or your parents) don't like. In other words, if it says 'yaoi', and you don't like yaoi, don't read it. If it says 'NC-17', and you're under 17, don't read it. Wakatta? ^_^ Yoshi! Then by all means...

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