The Fics

For now, the fics will just be arranged alphabetically by author.

Turning Sideways
Part 01 Part 02
Series crossed with: Wheel of Time (!!)
Rating: PG-PG13
Warnings: Ehh... Mostly just spoilers for both series. Dark stuff, probably, and maybe some angst eventually.
Summary: Strange things happen around the Dragon Reborn. How will the Pattern change when a young red-haired swordsman literally falls from the sky into the world?

Once and Forever
Series crossed with: Gundam Wing
Rating: PG13
Warnings: Spoilers for RK, bit o' violence. About what you'd expect.
Summary: "Relena is haunted by dreams involving a golden-eyed assassin and a violet-eyed swordsman... or are they really one and the same person? A chance encounter with Duo, followed by a pursuit by unknown thugs, leads Relena and Duo to a strange oriental antique shop where the past and present collide like clashing swords."

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