Internet Censorship: Pro & Con

The issue of Internet censorship is a large, and highly controversial one. On one side of the issue are some parents and various conservative elements that advocate the censoring of certain content that they deem "inappropriate" or "harmful" from the Internet, often citing various Supreme Court cases, such as Roth in their argument. On the other side are more liberal people, and organisations such as the ACLU, who advocate the First Amendment rights of the people, saying that there is no limit to what that amendment applies to. On this website, I will (hopefully) impartially present both sides of the argument, along with various counter-arguments. However, because I have to be impartial with my presentation of the above, along with all that, you'll also get to see my opinion of the whole thing. ^_^ And also, please bear with any repetition... It's incredibly difficult for me to think like a bunch of censor-happy, freedom-stealing, creativity-stifling... *ehem* ANYWAY! You get the idea. To the right are all the arguments. On those pages, anything in italics is a counter argument from the other side.

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