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Neko Central

Koko wa Neko no Wakusei Desu!

Updated: 10-15-02
Neko Central, running for two years, has befallen harder times. Left with no staff and an editor with little to no time to devote to the arduous task of website maintainance, Central has been painfully neglected for almost one whole year of those two years.
But from the dark comes a light--- new management! And with it comes the hope of more frequent updates, more information and galleries from all the promised series', and a better (MUCH better) site layout. Here's to a new, brighter future for Neko Central, and fond rememberance of the earlier days passed.
Now I bow out gracefully, leaving the fate of Neko Central in the hands of the competent, capable new managers. Though I may put in a few bits and pieces here and there occaisionally, my time here at Central is over. I leave wishing for the best for the new managers, hoping to see what I started rise to its feet again, and stand the test of time in the years to come.
Farewell to all, and may the new beginning for Neko Central bring many happy returns.

-Monozuki Neko, Editor-In-Chief


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