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Some People actually believe the Moon Landing of the Apollo missions was a hoax.  A put-on by our government and NASA to make the general public believe we won the space race to the moon.  I find this hard to believe.  Only one question comes to mind when I think of the whole thing being a hoax.

How does the government pay off and keep quiet, all of the people who worked on the Apollo project?  Seems to me someone would have talked by now, and showed us some hard facts as to just why NASA and our government faked the Apollo mission moon landings.

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        Some people suggest that all of the Apollo moon missions were faked on a vast soundstage somewhere either in California or Nevada.  They say the Saturn V rocket and Apollo craft the 3 astronauts were in, was placed in Low Earth orbit while a production of the highest quality of the day was shot on an elaborate soundstage.  I find this theory hard to swallow.  In the pages that follow, I will prove beyond a resonable doubt that we actually did go to the moon, and in fact, left equipment on the moon for experiments still conducted today.

        I am sure, with today's powerful telescopes, all a skeptic has to do is zoom in on one, or all of the Apollo landing sights on the moon to see we actually did leave stuff on the surface of the moon.  Mirrors, solar panels, all sorts of experiments, and ALL of the Lunar Roving vehicles are up there as well.  I would challange a skeptic, but I would probably be accused of placing a small photo slide in the lens of the telescope to show all of the equipment on the moon.  And that would be ANOTHER website in itself.

First Photograph Comparison

      This is the famous "Helmet" Photograph.  Some people say there is an object that does not belong in the helmet.  The two white objects sticking up in the helmet reflection, are in actuality, one, or two of the many, many experiments conducted by the Apollo Astronauts.  The next photograph over shows one of the many experiments close up, and something sticking up (possibly an antenna) which is most likely what you see in the "Helmet" photograph.  Added Note:  The Helmet photograph is kind of blurry, and not clear at all.  Could it have been tampered with?  One has to wonder.


      This Photograph shows a full view on an astronaut on the moon.  It is a clickable image so you can see what all of the letter points missed. Skeptics say:"How come the background does not show any stars?"  As you see by the image above, there is a star directly above the helmet of the astronaut. And if you enlarge this photo, you will notice 2 other stars, not so bright, on either side of the astronaut.  You will also notice the circled "CASTLE" in the helmet images.  May I refer you to the above experiment.

   Skeptics also say:" When it is dark it is dark, there should not be any reflection of light on the moon because of the absence of air-molecules.  His suit is lighted every which way, and there is only one light source."  Do you actually think NASA is stupid enough to send someone to the moon without a flashlight?  -OR- Floodlights of some sort?  It would be easy enough to have all artificial lighting powered by solar panels, and they would work more effeciently then on earth, as there is no diffusion going on (caused by air molecules) it would be direct light, and provide good lighting for the astronauts to conduct their experiments by.  Furthermore:  They could even use Mirrors or highly polished aluminum to re-direct the light to where ever they wanted.  Just like here on earth.

      In the Photograph you see an astronaut jumping up very high with a very heavy spacesuit on.  Let me voice this question:  Would this be possible on earth?  Even on a very elaborate soundstage?  I, for one, think not. With the gravity on the moon being 1/4 that of earth, and everything weighing less, it would only be possible in a reduced gravity enviornment. ( I highly doubt this footage was filmed in the "Vomit Comet" ).  I have never seen any controversy about this photograph on any "Fake Moonlanding" websites.  Why?  Because there is no controversy about this photograph.  Seems to me everything is where it should be.  There does not seem to be any stress anywhere on the spacesuit to suggest any wires of any kind propelling him upward.  No exhaust fumes from a "Jet pack" suggest he is being propelled upwards by any other force than his own strength.  (Six-Million dollar man?)

This is a VERY CLEAR photo of Buzz Aldrin's helmet and what is reflected against it.  I see nothing questionable about this photograph. CLICK the Photo to hear Buzz's decent onto the moons surface in REAL AUDIO.
Neil Armstrong's first footprint on the moon.  Some say it is too "Clay" looking to be a footprint on the lunar surface.  Some say it takes some water to make a footprint this good.  Scientists now say there may be water on the moon....If this is true, I really do not think the "Clay" theory holds any water. Click to hear Neil Armstrongs audio.

      These are the last photographs I am going to post in this Faked Moon Landing section, as I do not think there needs to be further evidence to the hoax being portrayed.  The Hoax is not that we did not go to the moon, but that we actually did go to the moon and some people go to great lengths to say otherwise.  My point is simply this:  I got the above photographs off a "Faked Moon Landing" website.  It is suppose to show the crosshair behind an antenna on the Lunar Rover.  Instead, it shows a "slightly" brighter white than in the original photograph.  This suggests the photograph was "Tampered with" and the crosshair was actually ERASED from the photo by one of the many, many graphic programs you can download here on the web, or buy for $9.95 at your local computer store.  I guess whoever did this, does not understand just how to shade after you erase, or maybe the person could not afford a graphics program with that capability.  Or as a last resort, the person could have been too stupid to think of it.  Who knows....

      As far as the "C" on the Rock goes, the photo has been tampered with once, who says they did not do that too?  -OR-  It could have been actually put there by the astronaut, by one of the many tools they used on the MOON collecting samples of lunar rocks and dust.

     CLOSING REMARKS:  This photograph has been tampered with.  How many more have been tampered with in the same fashion?  All to creat controversy.  Hats off to NASA for actually sending many Apollo Manned Missions to the moon.  Great Job!  No further questions...

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