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The Imperial Tennis Ball

Only my most loyal subjects understand how much this Imperial Tennis Ball means to me. I was but a young pup when my parents introduced me to my ITB. This was by far the best way for me to show affection to my loyal subjects. When I wanted to show them how very much I loved them, I'd get my ITB for them to throw. I know how much they love to play catch with me.

Anyway, we went to Grandmas for Christmas one year, and my mom forgot to bring my ITB back home. When we got home, I looked everywhere for it. On the book shelves, under the dresser, under the couch, behind the chairs…I cried, whined and pouted for days. I stopped eating and my tail stood still. Then one day, a package came for me in the mail.

My mom wanted to take pictures, so my Aunt Nancy helped me open my package. I knew it was for me, it smelled soo familiar…

My tail started to wag again, something very exciting was about to happen, I just had this feeling…

Let me see, let me see, what's in there? Who could be sending me a package?

O mi gosh

O mi gosh

O mi gosh

its my ball!!!

Let's play ball!!!


Footnote from my mom…the ball is 6 years old now. She won't chase any other ball. If you throw two tennis balls, she'll pick out "hers". There is no fooling The Imperial Ruler. When someone new comes to visit, she grabs her ball, drops it at their feet and woofs. It truly is one of her ways of showing affection.

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