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Welcome to Our New Home...(aka My Imperial Palace)...

Click on the small pictures to see larger ones!

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Welcome Friends...

Right Side of Entry Hall (Moms Bathroom is to the right of here)

This nook is in the front Hall on the right.

This wall is on the left as you enter.

This is the GreatRoom.

Turnaround and face the front door. To the right is the kitchen.

Here is moms "twinkling" kitchen. The day we moved in here she said that kitchen was just screaming for twinkle lights. Dad said "No Way!" Hey, I thought I was the one with all the pull around here.

I love my new kitchen! I mean mom's new kitchen. I have a special placemat for my royal dining. It matches the new border. The accent colors are jade and lavender.

It feels sort of like an outdoor cafe. You know, like in Lady and the Tramp? If Mom didn't have to cook, she says she'd just stay in this room all day.

The view from moms kitchen window is pretty nice also. There is a little Courtyard, with flowers, rocks and lots of hummingbirds.

If you turn right when you come in the front door, you'll see Grandma's bathroom. Her bedroom is just to the right of the bathroom.

Grandma loves her new room. It is very cozy and inviting. She doesn't even mind being told to "Go to your room!" I like her bed, it is really easy to hide under.

Grandma's room isn't quite finished. We picked out a beautiful angel border and have a mirror to put on the wall. I've given mom the week off from decorating, she has been really busy and needs to spend more time with me.

This is the view from her chair...and then out her window.

OK, for those of you who care, here is a close up of the walls. The colors are very soft and muted. Sometimes they look like old layers of paint showing through, sometimes it looks like the plaster itself was colored. All in all, it looks better than I could have ever imagined. I thought mom was crazy when she started putting all those colors up. It is very soft and befitting an Imperial Ruler. The colors are muted shades of pink, yellow, willow green, lavendar, seafoam and coffee & cream. All done with great big sponges. We hope you get to visit real soon. Hugs from Her Most Royal Highness, Mom, Dad & Grandma

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