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This is my Throne
Welcome...This is my throne and a few more pictures for you to enjoy...

If you'd like to see a larger picture,
just click on the one you's magic!

This is my Throne. Moms calls it a sofa, but its mine!! I really prefer Grandmas new recliner, but she doesn't get out of it very often. When she does tho', watch out cause I'm there baby! huh? What do you mean you're selling it? You can't, I forbid it. I absolutely will not leave this spot.

I rule the road too. (This is me in Dad's Semi.) Dad takes me along to protect him from the windsheild wipers. When they attack, I bark really loud and chase them back and forth, back and forth. I always know when to expect them. If I watch my dad's hand after I see the first raindrop on the windshield, when he reaches for that knob, I know they are coming and I spring into action. I wouldn't want those evil wipers to hurt my mom or dad!! (They are the ones who feed me, ya know.)

What in the world are you talking about Mom? I've always been this cute. Now throw the ball.

Don't forget there is always time to stop and smell the flowers.

This, I will always be. No matter if I have known you for a long time, or have just met you. Once you share your life with a Cairn, you will always have a dear friend.

Mom's added a story about my Imperial Tennis Ball. I got it when I was just a puppy. Of all my Royal Toys it is still my favorite. However, Mom finally had to put it away, it broke. I still cry and whine around (in a Royal way of course)sigh. I hope you enjoy visiting my Imperial Web pages and spending a little time with my Loyal Subjects.

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