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Thatís my grandma

Thatís my grandma. She celebrated her 81st birthday this year. She takes me out to "Royal Relief" during the day while my mom is at work. Grandma completely understands and respects my status of Imperial Ruler. (She gives me extra treats too! Don't tell mom.)

On your left are my second-cousins Jacob and Zachary. On your right, there they are again, with their mom, my cousin, Meredith. They sure are smart boys, but geesh, they sure are growing up fast. They like to throw my Royal Tennis ball. Jacob likes to put my food into my water dish. woof

...And this, well this is Her Imperial Highness waiting for her Aunt Melissa to come home from Boot Camp. She left the other day for Basic Training. Personally, I thought I had her trained well enough, but the Army thinks otherwise. Anyway, I love her and miss her and I know that mom, Grandma, and the rest of my loyal subjects do too. Heres an UPDATE!!She came back to see me!

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