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Cable Car - Makati City
Aug 10, 2001

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Having fun with Jammy, Franz, Aleli, Mark, MM (my sister) and Emer. (Hint: I am in black tops)   Still posing at the bar are Mark, MM, Aleli, Jammy and Me.
At the billiards table are Jammy, Mark, Me, Franz (ba't ang pula mo dito), Aleli and Emer.   Smiling pa rin are Jammy, Mark, Me, and Aleli. (Hint: galing kong tsumamba sa billiards, 3 shoot in a row! May banda pa!)
Before the day ends (umaga na pala nun!) syempre strike a pose muna with Jammy and Franz(still reddish), my sissy at the back (not in thumbmail is Mark). Inside Kiko's van are Me, Mark, and Jammy!