At 'The Salutation And Cat' with Coleridge and others

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I - That A Bully Is Always a Coward

II - That Ill-Gotten Gain Never Prospers

III - That A Man Must Not Laugh At His Own Jest

IV - That Such A Man Shows His Breeding - That It Is Easy To Perceive He Is No Gentleman

V - That The Poor Copy The Vices Of The Rich

VI - That Enough Is As Good As A Feast

VII - Of Two Disputants, The Warmest Is Generally In The Wrong

VIII - That Verbal Allusions Are Not Wit, Because They Will Not Bear A Translation

IX - That The Worst Puns Are The Best

X - That Handsome Is As Handsome Does

XI - That We Must Not Look A Gift-Horse In The Mouth

XII - That Home Is Home Though It Is Never So Homely

XIII - That You Must Love Me, And Love My Dog

XIV - That We Should Rise With The Lark

XV - That We Should Lie Down With The Lamb

XVI - That A Sulky Temper Is A Misfortune

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