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In-Service Training in SENECA


Linus Cornelissen




Head of Education Dept.
University of Professional Education
PABO Arnhem
Rultenberglaan 27
6826 CC Arnhem
The Netherlands
+31 (0)26 36 01 650
+31 (0)26 36 01 601

Heldringstraat 5
NL-6671 DM Zetten
The Netherlands


I am Linus Cornelissen and education is my profession. At the moment I am Head of Education Department at the University of Professional Education PABO Arnhem - The Netherlands.

I am also a member of staff at the Centre for International Education at the same University.

After becoming a Special Needs teacher (from mental retardation to emotionally disturbed and mental illness) I've studied at the University of Nijmegen and University of Leiden (the oldest University in The Netherlands).

For me it's important to promote a world without borders (literal and figurative). Therefore I take part in various European projects as well as East-European projects related to Inclusive Education - Special Needs and Early Childhood.

In 1994 I've introduced in The Netherlands the Reggio Emilio Approach.

In co-operation with colleagues of mine I've published books and articles about Inclusive Education and Reggio Emilio Approach.

I have expertise in introducing the "learning-how-to-learn" approach into teacher education.

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