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Welcome to my PERSONAL tribute to Linda Davis...this site is going to be CONSTANTLY under construction so please check back often for updates.
I will be including in the VERY near future: Updates on where Linda is touring....many pictures of Linda, a fan's opinion page on albums and concerts, and MANY other things...
A Little Info On OUR Lady Linda:
Full Name-Linda Kaye Davis Scott DOB-11-26-62, Carthage,TX Married-Lang Scott Children-Hillary and NEW ARRIVAL Rylee! Parents-Milford Davis/ Oneita Davis Siblings-Sister:Vernell Owen, Brother:Troy Davis Eyes-Green Hair-Brownish/blond Food-Pasta,bread,dessert Drink-Water Color-Tera Cotta/Fall colors Music-Most anything if she can understand the lyric or if the melody is pretty. Songs - "When I Call Your Name" Movie - "The Land Before Time", what can she say, she has a child and still is one! T.V. Show - Seinfield Actor - Kevin Costner Actress - Meryl Streep Book - "The Client" Sport - Jogging Hobby - Spending family time Vacation Spot - The beach Best Trait - She says, "You'd need to ask someone else that one." Worst Habit - She's avoided balancing her checkbook for so long, she's forgotten how. Pet Peeve - Seeing people take advantage of others just because they can Prize Possession - Her daughters Most Exciting Moment - When she realized she was actually walking down the aisle to be married for life Instruments Played - Piano First Public Performance - In church, She was about 4. She sang "Jesus Loves Me." Linda evolved through several musical and stylistic changes since her beginnings singing jingles and recording as a duet, Skip and Linda, with Skip Eaton, in the early '80s. A talented vocalist, she seemed to lack firm direction until scoring a hit duet with her mentor and co-manager, Reba McEntire, on "Does He Love You?" A native of Texas, Linda began her singing career at the age of six singing on the local radio show Gary Jamboree; later she appeared on the Louisiana Hayride . She left Texas in 1982 to move to Nashville. As duets were all the rage, she teamed up with Eaton. In 1982, they scored three minor hits including "If You Could See You Through My Eyes." After splitting up, Davis made her living singing ads for Dr Pepper and Kentucky Fried Chicken when her solo career stalled. In 1988, Davis scored a Top 50 single with "All the Good Ones Are Taken." Two years later she had another minor hit with the title track of her debut album, "In a Different Light." "Some Kinda Woman," also from that album, became a low-level hit too. In 1993, her luck changed when she and McEntire recorded their duet; following that Number One hit, her music blended torchy country ballads and swamp funk, sounding more than a little like Reba redux on the album Shoot for the Moon , which made it to the Top 30 album charts and contained two Top 60 singles. During most of 1994, Linda toured with McEntire. Some Things Are Meant To Be was released in 1996, followed two years later by I'm Yours. Linda is right now, as of November 2000, in the studio working on a BRAND NEW ALBUM..I personally can NOT wait!
Here's the whole family!1
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