This web site is dedicated in loving memory to my grandmother Esther Hettrick (July 10, 1915- September 20, 1999) and daughter, my Aunt, Ethel Caskey (passed on May 29, 1998),her sister, Lorraine Dantz, and my girlfriend Paula Newman(November 19, 1976-July 16, 2001). They will never be forgotten. We love you!

Tears are burning my face.
I canít see anything.
I stand here and all I can do is look.
All I see is earth tones covered with spots of bright colors.
Lots of colors yet so dull.
The colors lack.
I feel so empty.
Thereís something missing.
Something missing from deep inside me.
A piece of me has gone to a better place.
A better place with no more pain.
No more suffering.
No more worries.
Where do we go from here?
How do we go on?
How are we supposed to go on without you?
The pain and suffering is strong and deep.
Youíre gone, but thereís always a piece of you that stays.
We want to stop, but we canít.
We must go on without you.

*Written in loving memory of Gramma and Aunt Ethel September 27, 1999.*

Everything on this page, and all of the following pages are by no means to be copied without written permission from myself prior to being copied. (Nov 16, 1999)