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Jopplopping Hoddities

Here you can relive or discover some of Jopplopping Hoddities' many fine on air moments. Choosing what to put up here was quite hard as every Jopplopping Hoddities moment on air is pure brilliance and top quality radio. Some of these are plain dull (such as the first show) and are only up here for their historical value. All of these are mp3 so will need a thing that plays them. If you don't, you can click here to download an mp3 player . I'm not sure if you need a certain type or not, so give it a shot anyway.

The opening of the first ever show (Luke).
A selection from the first ever show. (Luke and Nathan)

The Joel incident (Luke and Troy).
A story by Luke and Troy with sound effects (fairly long).

Ted and Mathew on the first Monday show ever (Ted complaining).
Ted and Matthew on the second Monday show (Ted wanting to be a comedian).
Marcus returns to the show (fudge packer)

Many more to come soon

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