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The History Of Jopplopping Hoddities

It was the year of 1996 when Jopplopping Hoddities first began to take form. After been apprehended by the police for several brake ins and various other street crimes, a year 9 student by the name of Marcus Jang was put on a good behaviour bond and forced to do 32 hours of unpaid community service to make up for his crimes. While the decision was been made as to what community service he should partake in, his parents came across a community radio station called Gippsland FM and inquired about their son doing a program as part of his community service. The kind people at Gippsland FM decided that even Marcus deserved a second chance, and they began training him in the ways of radio.

One major problem that had to be overcome before he could do a show, was that Marcus did not know anything about music and was almost deaf. The reason he had resorted to crime was to pay for some good hearing aids and then buy himself a CD player to hear what music was like. To overcome this problem he recruited the services of local music expert Nathan Lawrence, who had an extensive knowledge of music in all it's forms. Nathan saw the radio show as a way to become popular and joined up immediately.

Things were beginning to go well for the pair as they continued there training, until one day when it was realised that despite Nathan's expert knowledge of music, he only had 5 CDs. They needed someone with CDs, as they did not want to use the station's, and after a 2 week search they found Luke Woodhouse, who Marcus had met at a youth correctional facility. Luke had a mental disorder and had dedicated his life to the study of UFOs and was looking for new ways to contact alien life forms. He saw radio as a new and exciting way to contact alien life forms and experiment with radio waves. Most importantly he had a good collection of CDs.

After completing their training in January of 1997, the three of them took to the airwaves and began dazzling listeners with their spectacular brand of radio. In the following year of 1998, tragedy struck as Marcus lost his voice and was unable to find it. As friendship was of no importance, Nathan and Luke got rid of him and a new era began. Since then they have built up a reputation as been the funniest people in the world and have filled the void left by Marcus with the inclusion of semi-regulars and special guest bands. Now in 1999 they continue to warm the hearts of people all over Gippsland and give hope to unpopular people everywhere.

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