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About Us

You may be wondering who the creative geniuses behind the show are, and this is where to find out. They are:

Luke Nachobowl Olaf Berzerka See If He's Alive See If We Can Help Him Cough Cough Cough Hamstring Hatstand Yell Voorhees Smudgedisk Rossfault Pogostick St St St Stutter Ash Dropsick Daniel Late Late Late Woodhouse Yeah Well I've Got Bullets Chip Watcher I'll Be Right Back Sqshshshshsh Tickatacker Water Container Brick Planter

Hello, it's Luke here. The photo on the left is me now taken in 2003, the other photo on the right is from 1998 and has been on the site since it began. I live for films (horror, comedy), music (punk, metal) and pranks. My fave bands are Bad Religion, SNFU, Iron Maiden and Sigh.

Jopplopping Hoddities also has appearences and contributions from Shaun Miller, Dane O'Mara, Sam Hughes, Troy Bucknal, Gregory, Frances, BBQ Bob, Bruce, Ted and Mathew.

In the old days, this bloke also did the show

Nathan Umbrella Stand Jasper Michael Wednesday Pop Pop Stote Gobbler John Raw Vegetable Rumpf Aphrodisiac Cartwheel Lemon Squash Dog Lick Icy-Pole Waaaaaahhhhhh Don't Sleep In The Subway Chiff Chiff Chiff Frampton Jones Fruit Bat Suddenly Want Some Raaaa Course Ya Do Fatang Fatang Fernando Fertang Come On Mr Frampton You Can't Eat All That Watermelon Ahh Ahh Ahh

Here is a photo of Nathan, Luke and semi-regular Shaun, in the studio (thanks to Ralph for the photo).

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