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I dedicate it to All my Friends , particularly to my Special Love 
You always will remain in my heart now & forever ** you know who are you **

Hey! These are some of my favorite english poems and frensh ones,they aren't famous or anything just some that I have read in books or found surfing the web.And feel free to send me your favorite poem.All My Love, Ilyes

{English poems}

I can't forget
Ever since I met you
You've been on my mind
And I need to let you
Somehow let you know
That I think about you
All the time

So when you think about LOVE,
Think about me,
I can give you more
Then you'll ever need.
Sooner or later every heart
needs some company.

We were strangers,
Now I already
Wrapped around your fingers.
Oh what's a girl to do?
'Cause it lingers,
And the thoughts of you
wanting me as much as I want you!

It's makes me blue,
That I'm not holding you tonight.
Only you can satisfy
this heart of mine.

SO when you think about LOVE,
Think about me.
'Casue only I can give you more
Than you'll ever need.
Sooner or later every heart
needs some company.

You Don't Know
When you look at her
you see a girl
who you think lives in the perfect world.
Someone who has
no problems at all,
who lives in a world
without any walls.
But if you knew her,
then you'd see
she's as lonely as could possibly be.
The people who tell her
that they are her friends
continue to disappoint her
again and again.
All her life
she's felt alone
like she doesn't have one friend to call her own.
They try to be the
best they can be,
but she knows that they
don't care at all.
She sits and pretends
to be happy and glad,
but deep down she knows
that she's really sad.


Rage ingulfs me
Hurt flows through my veins
Why did it take so long to see
you put me through so much pain
What was once our laughter and smiles
Is now my heartache and tears
All those times I took you back
All those insults I pretended not to hear
You ripped apart my feelings
And trampled on my heart
You tried to push me away,I wasn't willing
You took my emotions and tore them apart
I know now what I was blind to see.

The Mirror

As she looks into the mirror
she sees the face of a girl
who has been hurt many times
by the people of this world,
on the outside she seems happy
and she wears a smile for all,
but you get a different story
when you see the tears that fall.
Her world is filled with shadows
and she never sees the light,
and no one knows how much she cries
herself to sleep each night.
She does not have a single friend
that she could call her own.
So she spends each single day
by herself in her room,all alone.
And when she looks into that mirror
she doesn't understand why
those tears of saddness are constantly
running down from her eyes.
No one will ever know or see
the pain she feels in her heart.
She knows that someday,somehow
that hurt will tear her apart.
When she looks again she sees
a face she's never seen before.
Then finally she decides she can't take it anymore.
So she says goodbye to the world she's known
and the things she's leaving behind.
She looks into that mirror again,
but now for the very first time.


Sailing on a Sea of Friends
What happens now after the fight,
is it over or just for the night?
Do we still share our secrets and newest trends?
Or are we forever lost in the sea of friends?
For what is a friend but someone dear,
and loving and caring and someone near.
So how come friends change and come and go,
Was it worth the fight,what's to show?
Are we lost in the sea,trying to choose,
Finding a friend,one we won't lose.
With our broken hearts and empty soul.
We miss our lost friends,especially one's
from the start.
But God helps us sew our hearts back together
And helps us to see we are meant for each other.
So what do you say,were you meant for me?
Or are we forever lost on the friendship sea?
For what I was looking for was always on land
Waiting for me,so we could be hand in hand.
You knew from the start it should be me and you.
It's never too late lets start over brand new.
With our new hearts ready to pay the toll,
And we will love each other with a love so pure.
My heart is broken and you are the only sure.
So pick up the phone and give me a call.
We can talk of reasons our friendship took a fall.
If the phone doesn't ring,I want to tell you,
I'm sorry for what I did and my heart is brand new.

My Best Friend

It began when we were children,
With little clue about life and the world out there,
I had no idea at that time,
Of all the years of friendship ahead that we'd share,
We had a lot of laughs together,
And cried on each other's shoulders when
something went wrong,
You've always been there to listen and care,
When I was weak,you made me strong,
Whenever we fought about something,
I could never stay mad,
I'd be lost without you,
Because you're the best friend I could have
ever had.
We've had many late night talks,
Eating junk food and sharing thoughts and dreams,
You always make me see things in a positive way,
No matter how bad the situation seems,
There's no one on Earth that I know better
than you,
You are a sister to me,
I have total faith in you,
And I know you can be anything you want to be,
Don't ever stop flashing your smile,
Those dimples should be seen by all,
I'll always be here for you,
And I'll catch you when you fall,
But our friendship will not end,
No matter how much distance seperates us,
You will always be my best friend.

I Need You Now(to all my friends)

My friend , I need you now,
Please take me by the hand.
Stand by me in my hour of need,
Take time to understand.

Take my hand,dear friend,
And lead me from this place.
Chase away my doubts and fears,
Wipe the tears off from my face.

Friend,I cannot stand alone.
I need your hand to hold.
The warmth of your gentle touch
In my word that's grown so cold.

Please be a friend to me
And hold me day by day.
Because with your loving hand in mine,
I know we'll find the way.
"Friends forever," you promised.
"Together till the end."
We did everything with each other,
You were my best friend.

When I was sad,you were by my side.
When I was scared,you felt my fear.
You were my best support
If I needed you,you were there.

You were the greatest friend,
You always knew what to say:
You made everything seem better.
As long as we had each other,
Everything would be okay.

But somewhere along the line,
We slowly came apart.
I was here,you were there,
It tore a hole in my heart.

Things were changing,
Our cheerful music reversed its tune.
It was like having salt without pepper,
A sun without it's moon.

Suddenly we were miles apart,
Two different people,with nothing the same.
It was as if we hadn't been friends;
Although we knew deep in our hearts
Neither one of us was to blame.

You had made many new friends
And luckily so had I
But that didn't change the hurt-
The loss of our friendship made me cry.

As we grow older,things must change
But they don't always have to end.
Even though it is different,now,
You will always be my friend.


I truly beleive we should
never give up on our
hopes and dreams.
The path may be rocky
and twisted, but the
world is waiting for
that special contribution
each of us born
to make.What it takes
is the courage to follow
those whispers of wisdom
that guides us
from the inside.
When I listen to that,
I expect nothing
less than a miracle.

When I saw you
I was afraid to talk to you
When I talked to you
I was afraid to hold you
When I held you
I was afraid to love you
Now that I love you
I'm afraid to lose you

Sometimes love hurts
but if it doesn't hurt
it isn't love
hold on to the person you love
before they slip away
or else u can never get them back-unknown

There is only one wish on my mind
when this day is through
I hope i fill find that tomorrow will be just the same
for you and me
all I need will be mine and with me
just as long as you are here

Until there was you
I cried myself to sleep
while I had you
I fell asleep with a gentle smile on my face
Before I lost you
I worried myself to sleep
now that I know you are gone
I sit up at night,waiting for you to come back....unknown

Never(i dedicate this poem to....!!!)

Never say I love you
If you really dont care
Never talk about feelings
If they aren't really there
Never hold my hand
If you are going to break my heart
Never say you are going to
If you don't plan to start
Never look into my eyes
If all you do is lie
Never say hello
If you really mean goodbye
If you really mean forever
Then say you will try
Never say forever
Cause forever makes me cry

I Didn't Mean To....

I didn't mean to love
I didn't mean to care
But I guess I never noticed
Just how often you were there

I didn't mean to love you
I didn't want to let it show
No I never meant to tell you

I didn't mean to love you
But I guess I always will
Yes you'll always be inside
Kind,warm,soft and still

Bright Eyes

Looking deep into your bright eyes
I can not see in my heart
to forgive you for the pain you have caused.

I loved you with all my heart
until you told me about her.
That is when the love stopped.
I cried as you told me you loved her more.

Wherever I am,wherever you are
I still feel us together.
I see your bright eyes.
I feel your gentle touch.

You broke my heart in two
I will never forget you,or
all the times you left me
when I needed you.

Looking deep into your bright eyes
I can not see in my heart
to forgive you for the pain you have caused

I Am

I am the mirror to your heart
I can see every hidden part
One feeling,you can't hide
I never miss what's inside.
The love or hate or fear that's there,
I see it all,no matter where.

Do you want to look in me?
Do you really want to see?
All those thing you hide from the world
That maked you look like the perfect girl.
You're really not,on the inside,
there are the things you hide.

No one will ever know,
those many thing you don't show
But I see it all
I see your steps up and how you fall,
what maked you smile or cry
what makes your heart fly.

You might not want to see
You may try and hide these for me.
But I am the mirror to your heart,
I can see every hidden part.

whispers of the past
the wind whispers in my ear
and i fear for the tears may break
i stand above you with flowers in my hand
the words i whisper you do not hear
this is what i truly fear
in the dreams your so near
yet even then you do not hear
as the tears rain down
they are the only sound to be found
the coldness i feel
oh so cold this heartless stone
as i leave this place of peace
i remember you and you were

the night calls to me
singing it's sweet melody
weaving stars bright throught the sky
a fox runs through , moves slow and shy
dainty clouds od fog roll by
with strong but gentle winds they sigh ;
night-birds wind their soothing song
sweetly singing all night long
how of autumn wolves they cry
roaming listless through the air they fly
flakes of snow fall swiftly down
to the earth without a sound
swirling , twirling through the atmosphere ,
rising to my eye a tear
knowing soon this night would end
my heart although will quickly mend
just befor i reach the door
i stop to watch a screech owl soar
trailing boldly through the mist
this night a mate it sleekly kissed
rays of sun break through the night
seeming though without a fight
the sun's arora doth commend
blazing to it's night time friend
the moon stays white within the sky
as it's right it too will die
as the night time finally ends
into sleep my mind quickly sends
thinking to the nights since past
i softly sleep and dream at last

                                                               After Love

I could feel you around every corner

permeating my every thought

you are there when I turn my back

each footstep I hear from a distance

is yours

coming towards me

It is as if you have died

and your spirit is haunting me

this has to be hell, if there ever is one

I see your face whenever I close my eyes

I smell your scent where you are not

I remember sweet memories that now cause me so much pain

And yet I wish

you were still here

with me

Oh how I miss you

Oh how I need you

Oh how I want to be with you

and feel you in my arms again

Break Out

You can't kill yourself
so you might as well live
and you might as well strive to make life
better than it is
Don't think you've lost it all
When you're feeling down and out
'cause ups and downs are really is what
life is all about.

And if you think it's too far gone
Every outcome has a cause
Every little effort makes it
slightly better than it was

And if you think you've lost the will
All you have to do is start it
And by and by you'll get your life
just the way you want it.


Happiness is like a crystal,

Fair and exquisite and clear,

Broken in a million pieces,

Shattered, scattered far and near

Now and then along life's pathway,

Lo! Some shining fragments fall;

But there are so many pieces

No on ever finds them all.

You may find a bit of beauty,

Or an honest share of wealth,

While another just beside you

Gathers honor, love or health.

Vain to choose or grasp unduly,

Broken is the perfect ball;

And there are so many pieces

No one ever finds them all.

Yet the wise as on they journey

Treasure every fragment clear,

Fit them as they may together,

Imagining the shattered sphere,

Learning ever to be thankful,

Though their share of it is small;

For it has so many pieces

No one ever finds them all.


Your parting glance exhumed
Memories of those sad times
We shared and slowly slipped
Unnoticed as it passed us by.
You smiled and then resumed
Your usual look, tight-lipped
But soft once recognised
I died again, broke the pose
Regretfully soon as ever
That if I stayed or froze
You might again mistake
My sorrow for longing:
I did often want you
But never tried to take
What love we always knew
Between us and so, somehow,
We part as friends belonging
Nowhere. I hope you think now
Of me as always, I hope you care
For always is now, always forever
And always when I needed you
You were always there.

Apple For Teacher

You reminded me
I'm crazy enough to be
Walking the tightrope
Of talking my head off,
Forgetting the question

(What was the question?)

Whatever it means
To close my eyes And meet in dreams
It can't compareTo finding you there
Before the sunrise
Helping me laugh at our failure,
We don't need another saviour
So we pack our things
On a pair of wings
And set out for the future
Leaving the pastWith a love to last
An, of course, an apple for teacher.

Eden Outside

Soft breaths of Summer soak an English lane
In peace evaporating from drying pools of rain,
Waking hedgerows into life and into birdsong,
Ringing in the shade of a grey, electric pylon.
England is still green, a bit yellow by the verges,
But timeless in a plastic Autumn which forever merges
Desperation. Not quite enough to fill the countryside,
Though too strong and blatant to ever hope to hide
The new flux of violence spreading through the field
Of grassy blades more final than any sythe could wield
Bringing nature to its bloody, brutal knees,
And, yearly, a ton more shit to our ever lifeless seas.
Two percent more output makes it more worthwhile
Open cast hills roll two percent more vile.
To boost to the ecconomy, to justify the toil
That, yearly, plunders two percent more oil.
And ancient landscapes, steel-clad, lumber ever on
To strangle Earth with need and greed and see no wrong
If Man brought history, culture, then really filled his cup,
As the last tree falls, he wonders how it all got so fucked up.

For You

So today you are given a name
And our wishes for your future.
Others will wish you many things:
Success, wealth, wisdom, fame,
Popularity, knowledge, culture.
In time you will spread your wings
And either find such things or not.
I've wished you something different, my friend:
However much you might become enthralled
With these ideas, may they all be forgot
If you just find You; for, in the end,
That is what finding Happiness is called.

If Morning Comes (Waking On Bank Holiday)

If morning comes from moonless sky
And still apart but close we lie
Might we later wake to find
Hearts less open, words less kind?

And if I wake with growing need
For your smouldering eyes and plead
To walk with you again tonight
And feel your touch and not take flight

Or your skin like a ripe new peach
Could you refuse me if I reach
To ask if I could crystallise
And drown withing those smouldering eyes?

If You Had Wings, Oh Heart

If you had wings, O heart, where would you fly?
"Over nine grey streams into the western sky
Beyond the churning seas, above the distant shore
Where I was frozen once, many years before
Though I'd not long tarry in that sleepless citadel
Nor in the windy prison where the sad belugas dwell
But in the twin cities, on that great river's side
Where you lost me once, for a time, I'd bide
Then on into the black hills, above the plain
Where red men still dance to the sun and rain
Yet still I'd have no rest 'til I had climbed the spine
Of the great white mountains in the autumn time
With tears for old Lacerta on the coldest winter nights
Amid the crashing colours of the towering northern lights
My wings at last would sleep 'til all my days were done
And in the arms of Tunnel Mountain, I would find a home".
Then come, little brother, let us make our journey start
With this gift I have for you - here are your wings, O heart.

It Must Be Said

He was kind, It must be said
Because his life was led
For the benefit of others
So he took no lovers
Worked for the common good
Gave everything he could
To help out charity
He had no family
Which would explain why
When he did finally die
He wasn't found for days
(Or so the paper says)
Sat upright in his chair
Comb still hanging from his hair
Fists curled in pain
From the tumour on his brain
Gone funny in the head
Still, he was kind, it must be said.

Letter To A Dead Love

I imagine her alone somewhere, reading.
Reading the last lines I ever wrote for her.
She sits tut-tutting, puzzled and needing
An explanation of their multiple meaning.
For they are all she has of me, a single page
Of the mad, sad, funny, fallible Englishman, a blur.
He sang her songs from an empty stage
Then spun forever from her still screaming
"Don't die for me"
She should have listened,
Then she might have avoided the lights,
In which the freeway, wet with her life, glistened.
Now in a dream I am the truck, we dance, me leading,
Blaming myself because she never saw it.
Now, as grief tricks me back to dizzy nights,
The more it does so, so much the more it
Makes me realise she is alone somewhere, reading.

No Room

She had no room in her house
To store his bright contempt
No blinds to draw on his error
She had no chairs in her house,
Furniture was, like sex, exempt
From existence, in her terror
She had burned it all
It had filled,
Expanded into all she had feared,
All the spaces slowly killed
When, like a sudden letter, he reappeared
And uninvited, moved back in
Redecorating with hate and pain.
But, before the cracks could begin
And the rot return he left again.
Now her house stands empty, no room
To sit staring into the evening gloom.

Once Upon A Space

Once upon a space time had no meaning
Light became a mask to hide the face
Of day from the dark of evening.
Love was pain and hate was guilt
And all around a wall was built
Not to keep the evil out
But to chain and hold in doubt
All truth's beauty, honesty
A place you could never even see
Though I lived there once
Raging against the ugly whole
Of the blind world of ignorance
Until, silently, in you stole
Stirring new dreams from the deep
Of our togetherness in sleep
Sailing across time and space
To my arms where, face to face,
You said "Trust me hard enough
That what will remain of us is love".

One More Tear

Hour after hour upon the road
That leads me slowly through the day
After day of searching for a lost love
I may one day find again.
My leaden heart is heavied still
With such demons on my back
But beauty must yet prevail
In this winter sky, the lights
Of stars long since burned out
Shine in a world they never knew
Tiny sparks in the firmament,
Flashes of hope that burst into lives
And touch a lover I might yet know.
It is in this thin mirror I see her face
Feel her heart beat, breathe her hair
What a tragedy, a grand denial to wrong
The world with my final ever tear
That it should never see us here,
Back in love, where we so belong.

Perfect Moment

Over the breath of dawn
Flutters of ash cast a shroud
And from fleeting embers
Where flames once cried aloud
A new day is born
And it remembers
Dying in the shadow light
As cold as the palm
That encircled naked fingers
Like a ring around the calm
Brushing lips from sight
That, like woodsmoke, lingers
Crowned in the meadow grass
Stirring in the reflection
On the smoothest glass
Of sweet perfection.

Poem For who takes my dream

So many times so weary,
No truth so long found,
Shared many a good dream
And morning bleary,
Kept pain and fear unseen
But too many half-loves hanging round;
One helped me to my innocence,
Another had it killed,
Now one has seen it through,
Made more than love, made sense,
That one is you,
Something empty has been filled.


From a dream snowflakes fall outside,
Beneath the ice dead summers hide
And ringing silence falling all around
Winter whispering over frozen ground.
Along a pair of tracks in the powder
Laughter in the air grows louder
As two spectres rise from the mist
So pale as to be easily missed
Run hand in hand, the drifts are deep . . .
Then morning rouses me from sleep
And I remember the two figures there
With flecks of silver in their hair
Kicking down the snowmen of the years
Melting the ice with their mingled tears:
They were us before we chose to part
Each unfreezing the other's icy heart.


Once I thought love best when shared,
A way to become who one truly is.
Not so at all/ Not, at least, for me
To whom love, when it came, had dared
Seem such a stranger/ Then how differently
We knew it that she remained a "Miss".
So in dreams now she moves with dread
Of meetings where we seem like seeds, sown
So separately that nothing really changed
As we grew apart except our lives are led
In solitude, a state we have arranged
To be "more together", to be more alone.

Sounds Of Love

I hear sounds of love through the wall
And silence softly on our pillow
Waiting, far from sleep, for the call
Of dawn dragging light across the window
And a soft breath beside me
That echoes inside meSo that I tense as she turns
To guide my hand to the warm space
Upon her stomach where it burns
To slide and find the other place.
I wonder if I should make love to her,
If it would mean enough to her
But instead I draw her closer with my arm
And feel the press of her spine in my chest,
The cup of her breast in my palm;
I know her body now but long for the rest,
She sighs as my fingers slowly slide
Along the length of her shivering side
And I wonder which is truly love:
The frantic sounds beyond the wall
Of a finger forced into too tight a glove
Or this easy rise and fall
Of two hearts beating life into each other. Either
Might be true love, perhaps both, maybe neither.

Still Life

When the ways of truth in shadow hide,
Paths of peace covered by the tide,
Wild winds of freedom will not blow
And fulfilment's waves freeze like snow,
Seek hope in waters deep and dare
To find the secrets in the air.
When the search for love is passionless,
Wisdom's road lies through lonliness,
Great flames of sorrow scorch the heart
As anger grows and friends depart,
Will the fire to burn grief out
Be silent with the earth, no doubt
That though the soul feels restless now,
It will find its truth and peace somehow.

The First Passion

The first passion of her maturity belies the waiting years:-
When the brevity of the moment
Paid homage to the breathless,
Bridged the creaking stair as if untrod (or perhaps not).
Where the dim, plain-shaded lamp was never lit alone,
Until now:

When the fumbled croak of compromise
The freezing of instant, giddy air
And gentle smiles ford the last deep pool
Horsemen, white with sweat, swoop
Down upon the crests of swirling success.
The long unrelieved frenzy is followed
By still, flushed moments of incredulous analysis.

Then it begins,
And is endless,
And will never happen again.

I Find Her Gone

The day you left I felt like a child
Running fog-lolly over a frozen field
Only to fall And no one come to help
And the first night without you I felt
Like a seal break surface from a dive
Only to find No air left to breathe
But sitting by the phone
For hours, days,Writing this
And willing you to call
Feels like
at all

    {Frensh poems}

    On m'a découvert

Aujourd'hui, quelques personnes ont lu mes poèmes,
Ceux qui décrivent l'homme, ceux qui disent je t'aime.

Au travers de mes lignes, ils ont pu découvrir
Toutes mes pensées que je n'avais fait qu'écrire.
La plupart a compris ce qu'au profond j'étais,
Ce qui est différent de ce qu'ils avaient vu.
Personne ne m'avait réellement perçu,
Personne ne connaissait la réalité.
Ce jour devait arriver, et il arriva,
C'est grâce au pur hasard que fut ce moment là.

Aujourd'hui, quelques personnes ont lu mes poèmes,
Ceux qui décrivent l'homme, ceux qui disent je t'aime.

Toute ma philosophie sur la barbarie
Des hommes parmi qui, aujourd'hui je vis.
L'amour que je transporte au centre de mon coeur,
Ta belle description et même ton visage
Que je dépeins ici, mots après mots, pages après pages,
Avec ton beau regard pour unique lueur.
Mais tout n'est pas ici, j'ai bien trop de secrets
Pour, en quelques poèmes, tous les dévoiler.

Aujourd'hui, quelques personnes ont lu mes poèmes,
Ceux qui décrivent l'homme, ceux qui disent je t'aime...

Ma Lune

Je ne peux pas m'empêcher de penser à toi,
Dans mes instants de solitude ou même quand
Je suis entouré : je pense à toi tout le temps.
Tout ce que je regarde c'est toi que je vois.

Assis au fond d'un bus, attendant mon arrêt,
La femme d'en face, je ne vois son visage
Qu'un très court instant, je vois plutôt un mirage :
A ses traits les tiens, à sa laideur ta beauté.

Et c'est toujours pareil, avec toute personne,
Je ne peux m'empêcher de revoir ta beauté,
Ton sourire toujours sur tes lèvres plaqué,
Toutes tes pensées qui en mon esprit rayonnent.

Et toutes les nuits, je m'endors avec toi.
Ma chambre est vraiment sombre mais elle a sa lune
Et ma lune c'est toi comme jamais aucune
N'a pu éclairer tous ces sentiments en moi.


Je pense que maintenant tu sais bien pour qui
Ce nombre de poèmes je les ai écrits.
Oh oui, c'est toi, n'aie pas peur de te l'avouer
Même si pour sentence tu vas refuser.

Je ne pourrai jamais dans ma vie être aimé
D'une femme comme toi, ma belle princesse,
Et toujours dans ma vie je verrai la tristesse
Qui ne pourra jamais par l'amour s'effacer.

Mais je ne te blâme pas, je suis responsable
De ce qui m'arrive et je ne suis pas capable
De haïr quelqu'un surtout si je l'ai aimée
Comme je l'ai fait avec toi, l'inespérée.

Je pleure

Je pleure aujourd'hui, pleure de te voir partir.
A peine tu t'approchais et déjà partie,
A peine je te voyais et déjà fini.
Je pleure aujourd'hui, pleure de le voir finir.

Je pleure car c'est tout ce qu'il me reste à faire,
Je pleure au-delà de ma propre volonté,
Je pleure d'ailleurs comme j'ai toujours pleuré,
Je pleure et tu souris : on est tout deux contraire.

Je ne peux vivre l'amour au-delà des pleurs,
Je ne pourrais être aimé de quiconque ici,
Je suis désespéré et je n'ai plus envie
De rallumer la flamme du fond de mon coeur.


Adieu mon ange, adieu ma toute belle.
Je me dois aujourd'hui de te dire au revoir,
Je ne peux plus en ces jours à cet amour croire,
On ne peut jamais se fier à l'éternel.

Adieu ma princesse, adieu mon amie.
Je ne suis qu'un passant de ton chemin de vie
Et la part que nous faisions ensemble est finie.
Je sors donc mon mouchoir et mes larmes aussi.

Adieu, c'est le dernier mot que tu vas entendre
D'un être qui t'a aimée durant une année,
Qui meurt aujourd'hui de n'avoir pu être aimé,
D'avoir laisser son coeur que tu n'as voulu prendre.

Tu as lu

Tu as lu toutes ces lignes parlant de toi,
Tu as lu toutes ces lignes de clair de lune,
De désespoir, d'obscurité, de nuit brune,
Parlant de mon amour et de mon désarrois.

Tu as lu toutes ces lignes et tu as pleuré :
Des larmes d'émotion disant la vérité
Sur une personne et sa sensibilité,
Sur une âme en déroute que j'ai tant aimée.

Pleure mon amie, même si demain je pars,
Garde au fond de ton coeur toutes ces lignes lues,
Garde ses mots mais oublie cet homme déchu,
Tu peux en aimer un autre, il n'est pas trop tard.

La main sur le coeur

Toutes les nuits je m'endors la main sur le coeur,
Je ferme alors les yeux dans le noir et je pleure.

La première image arrivant dans mes pensées
Est de te revoir, ton visage et ton portrait :
Une blonde rêveuse de changer le monde
Par sa joie de vivre et son visage éclatant,
Une femme forte jamais se résignant
A nos pleurs et à nos larmes que nos yeux pondent.
Tu n'as pas réussi pourtant à me comprendre,
Moi qui aurais pu nombreuses choses t'apprendre.

Toutes les nuits je m'endors la main sur le coeur,
Je ferme alors les yeux dans le noir et je pleure.

Je pleure, oui, je pleure, comme à mon habitude,
Tout seul au fond de mon lit, dans ma solitude.
Tu as pourtant essayé de briser mes larmes,
De venir à mon aide quand j'en eu besoin,
Mais personne n'arrive à croiser mon chemin
Et à y rester longtemps, même avec du charme.
Laisse-moi donc pleurer, retourne à tes amis :
Je ne pourrai jamais m'arrêter dans ma vie.

Toutes les nuits je m'endors la main sur le coeur,
Je ferme alors les yeux dans le noir et je pleure...

Ma plume

Ma plume et moi écrivons sur ce papier blanc
Des mots qui riment ensemble, des mots d'amour,
Des mots d'émotion, des mots de tous les jours,
Des mots sur la guerre, un sujet si affligeant.

Ma plume me permet de me vider un peu,
Ma plume me permet d'écrire mes malheurs,
Mes profonds sentiments venant tout droit du coeur,
Ma plume me permet de résister au mieux.

C'est la dernière chose qui m'appartient,
La seule chose qui au monde m'est très chère,
La chose qui peut calmer toutes mes colères,
L'unique chose qui peut me faire du bien.

La mort de mon amour

L'oiseau qui chante sur le haut de l'arbre au loin
Berce le soleil qui va dormir au lointain.

Il est arrivé là après un long sentier
Qui le menait nulle part mais il le savait.
Il s'est étendu là, regardant le soleil
Qui changeait les couleurs de l'immense horizon,
Avant de donner au ciel sa noire toison
Et d'imposer aux âmes un intense sommeil.
Ce soleil qu'il voyait était pareil à lui :
Il allait demeurer pour toujours endormi.

Puis, le clair de lune, mais ce n'est pas le même
A qui il avait tant voulu dire je t'aime.

Le voilà allonger dans l'obscur pâturage
Et dans l'herbe verte qui voit finir son âge.
Le ciel maintenant par milliers étoilé
Ne l'éclaire qu'à peine dans son agonie.
Mais qu'importe le ciel, mais qu'importe la vie,
Pour un rêve qui restera désespéré ?
Le voilà qui meurt rendant son dernier râle,
Mon amour ne fut qu'un cauchemar infernal.

La nuit est tombé et ceci pour toujours
Sur ce que j'avais cru être un possible amour.

Le jour de l'amour

Il est un jour, il est demain,
Il est hier et aujourd'hui,
Mais au profond de mon chagrin
C'est lui que j'attends et languis.

A chaque jour qui se lève avec le soleil,
Je me lève en priant qu'il va enfin paraître.
Mes prières croyant que je trouverai l'être
Qui correspondrait à mon désir qui sommeille,
Je suis toujours heureux de voir bleuir le ciel
Et de croire en cet astre qui m'est éternel.

Il est un jour, il est demain,
Il est hier et aujourd'hui,
Mais au profond de mon chagrin
C'est lui que j'attends et languis.

Je vis voyant les fleurs qui éclosent leur vie,
Observant les oiseaux qui chantent leur amour
Et je me dis que bientôt ce sera mon tour :
Cet hier, ce demain, ou peut-être aujourd'hui.
Alors je marche gaiement sifflotant ces vers :
Une ôde à un amour que j'aimerais sincère.

Il est un jour, il est demain,
Il est hier et aujourd'hui,
Mais au profond de mon chagrin
C'est lui que j'attends et languis.

Mais quand revient la nuit par l'obscur crépuscule,
Je vois que de l'amour je ne verrai l'aurore.
Je pleure même un peu, mais c'est là que j'ai tort
Car il ne faut pas que mon désespoir m'accule
A un faux pas idiot et déconsidéré :
Il me faut vivre par la force d'espérer.

Il est un jour, il est demain,
Il est hier et aujourd'hui,
Mais au profond de mon chagrin
C'est lui que j'attends et languis.

Je t'aimerais toujours

Vous me demandiez qui était cette princesse,
Je ne pourrais vous répondre que par de l'abstrait :
Elle serait susceptible de tout deviner,
Or je ne le veux pas, c'est ma grande promesse.

Comme je l'ai dit, elle est de couleur blonde.
D'un seul regard, tout entier elle vous sonde.
Le rire et la joie sont partout où elle passe,
Mais elle ne passe pas par moi et cela m'agace.

Je l'aime, je l'avoue, et grand est cet amour.
Elle ne me voit pas mais je la vois tous les jours.
Son nom est vraiment court comme ce qu'il désigne,
Mais ça ne me dérange pas, j'attends d'elle un signe.

Rien ne me dérange en elle,
Ô princesse, tu es si belle.
D'un coup d'oeil elle m'a ensorcelé,
Pour toujours, princesse, je t'aimerai.

Pour Toi

Ces lignes sont pour toi, je les écris pour toi.
C'est avec toi que je ressens cet amour.
Moi qui ne suis pour toi qu'un risible vautour...
Mon coeur, je te le donne, il est tout à toi.

Ô ma belle princesse, que ferais-je pour toi ?
Tout ce qui est pour toi un acte de bravoure.
Tout pour toi qui serait une preuve d'amour.
Tout, et je le répète, je n'ai d'yeux que pour toi.

Pourquoi me haïs-tu ? N'ai-je rien à tes yeux ?
Il y a sans doute d'autres chevaliers preux,
Mais moi, je ne veux pas ton corps, je te veux toi.

Toi qui m'as guéri de mes souffrances passées :
Mon coeur ne battait plus, toi qui l'as réveillé.
Ce poème, je te le donne, il est pour toi.


Pourquoi suis-je victime d'allusions ?
Pourquoi ne suis-je qu'un laidon ?
Pourquoi ne suis-je qu'un poison ?
Pourquoi poser toutes ces questions ?

Je ne le sais pas mais je voudrais savoir.
Pourquoi aucune réponse jamais ?
Est-ce à l'en contre de ma volonté ?
Je ne veux pas mais je voudrais vouloir.

Peut-on m'expliquer sur ce qu'est l'amour ?
Peut-on me dire d'où provient la vie ?
Pourquoi je n'aurais jamais d'amie ?
Je resterai sans réponses toujours.

Plus on s'interroge, plus la douleur est grande.
Je n'en peux plus, je n'en peux plus, je n'en peux plus,
Plus je m'interroge et plus je me sens fichu,
Pour avoir la réponse, il faut que je me pende.

Mot d'amour trahi

Je t'aime et je ne cesserais de te le dire.
Je t'aime et c'est un sentiment profond.
Je t'aime et je te le dis sans façon,
Je t'aime et tu es ma seule raison de vivre.

Comment ne pas se noyer dans ton océan ?
Comment ne pas résister à tes yeux ?
Comment ne pas souhaiter être ton amant ?

Mais ces mots, j'en suis sûr, jamais tu ne les liras,
Oh non, tu t'en fous, tu vis dans ton monde,
Tu n'as que faire d'un homme que tu ne vois pas.

Cet homme, pourtant, ne vit-il pas que pour toi ?
Il veut vraiment de toi, tu es sa Cunégonde,
Mais tu n'en veux pas, lui qui mourrait pour toi.

Lettre d'Amour

Ta beauté est superbe, ô ma belle princesse.
Tu es le soleil qui me fait vivre aujourd'hui,
Point d'orage à l'horizon et aucune nuit.
Tu es la plus jolie, ô mon enchanteresse.

Ton rire éclaire ton visage et m'éblouit.
Il illumine ton âme qui resplendit.

Tu es belle et je te le répète : je t'aime.

Ton regard est profond, ô ma belle princesse.
Un seul suffit à me faire tomber amoureux.
Je n'ai d'yeux que pour toi, ô ma seule déesse.

Ta voix est divine, elle chante dans mon coeur,
Des chants sublimes et y imprime ta chaleur.

Tu es belle et je te le répète : je t'aime.

Ceci est un aveux, une lettre d'amour,
Des mots que je te dirais toujours tous les jours.

Pourquoi garder en moi ce sentiment profond ?
Pourquoi ne pas t'avouer cette vérité ?
Elle est déjà restée longtemps en moi cachée,
Alors je l'écris, c'est la seule solution,
Et je te le dis avec ma sincérité :
Je vivrai en t'aimant jusqu'à l'éternité.

Le poème du "Je t'aime"

Rien de difficile à écrire un poème,
Faire rimer les mots pour dire que je t'aime.

Tu es la plus jolie, la plus belle de toute.
Un beau jour de mai, mon chemin croise ta route.
Ma timidité m'interdit de te parler,
Alors j'écris tout ce que je pense de toi.
De par mes sentiments, ainsi que mon émoi,
Je te décris ici, ma blonde dulcinée.

Rien de difficile à écrire un poème,
Faire rimer les mots pour dire que je t'aime.

Je ne manque pas d'idée à te regarder,
Ainsi qu'à te comprendre quand tu veux bien parler.
Une source d'inspiration si infinie,
Une rivière de mots décrivant ta tendresse,
Quelques alexandrins, ô ma belle princesse,
Pour te dire ce que tu vaux dans mon esprit.

Rien de difficile à écrire un poème,
Faire rimer les mots pour dire que je t'aime.

Mais malheureusement, tout n'est pas dans ces lignes :
Comme je l'ai déjà dit, j'attends de toi un signe.
Je viendrai alors vers toi pour te déclamer
Tout ce qu'entre ces lignes j'essaie de te dire.
Mais c'est pas pour autant que cela va finir,
J'écrirai toujours car, comme je disais :

Rien de difficile à écrire un poème,
Faire rimer les mots pour dire que je t'aime...

A toi de décider

Je ne veux pas ton désir : je veux ton amour,
Une réciprocité valable toujours.

Tu ne m'aimes pas aujourd'hui, m'aimeras-tu ?
C'est tout ce que j'espère, ce que j'ai voulu.

Si jamais tu m'aimes, il faut que ce soit profond.
Si jamais tu m'aimes, ça doit être pour de bon.

C'est pour toutes ces raisons qu'aujourd'hui j'attends.
J'attendrais même longtemps, indéfiniment.

C'est toi qui décideras de notre avenir,
Toi, princesse, et toi seule, avant que de mourir.

Clair de lune

Un si beau clair de lune, tout en haut dans le ciel,
Fait rappeler à mon coeur que tu es éternelle.

Ce cercle lumineux par delà les étoiles
Illuminant mon coeur avec sa blanche toile,
Eclairant ma lanterne qui a failli s'éteindre
Rallumant en moi la lueur qui vacillait,
Ecoutant d'un homme le chagrin oublié,
Il n'y a rien de lui que je pourrais craindre.
Ce cercle lumineux qui montre sa sagesse
A éteint les braises de toutes mes tristesses.

Un si beau clair de lune, tout en haut dans le ciel,
Fait rappeler à mon coeur que tu es éternelle.

Je suis venu trouver cet astre de beauté ;
C'est avec lui que je me suis mis à parler.
Parler de ma personne à quelqu'un écoutant,
Parler de l'amour loin de la timidité,
Au delà des limites, dans cette immensité,
J'ai pu trouver une âme d'amie et confident.
Et si ça n'a durer qu'un pitoyable instant,
Ce fut celui de ma vie qui fut le plus grand.

Un si beau clair de lune, tout en haut dans le ciel,
Fait rappeler à mon coeur que tu es éternelle...


Ecrire, tout écrire sur tout ce qu'on pense.
Laisser aller son romantisme sur les mots.
Découvrir du lyrisme son unique sens :
Vous délivrer de votre immense et lourd fardeau.

Racontez votre vie, mais surtout vos amours,
Tous vos ressentiments, toutes vos émotions,
Vécus au fil du temps sur le chemin des jours
Pour rétablir en vous les forces de raison.

Après quelques poèmes, vous ne verrez plus
Le monde de la même et naïve façon.
Vous saurez regardez, vous saurez être vu
Avec de tous les coeurs ce qu'il y a de profond.


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