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Futur Einstein :):) as my cousin said .                                                       Zohir &Me in international exhibition of cars in 1999.


Cheikh Kcide :):):) playing with his guitar .                                                                          we are here ........


Futur engineer of computer :):)                                                                                        fière d'être Algérien


No comments .......                                                                                                              My baby ......


At international exhibition of cars 2001                                                                          Me and My friend Alilou


Me and Alilou at class room                                                                                At international exhibition of cars :):):)


Moh , Alilou , Me , Fayçal                                                                                        Alilou , the jackal , Moh , Me


Me& Moh                                                                                                               My friend Hamza and Me

ham ham ... hummmm that's cool :)
Me , My cousin Mehdi , Moh