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Hitchcock Presents Episodes

A man takes the law into his own hands when his wife is assaulted. However, he ends up killing an innocent man. Guest Starring: Vera Miles

A young concert pianist has a premonition which makes him return to his hometown after several years. Upon his return, he discovers that his father died under mysterious circumstances, and proceeds to investigate the causes of the death. Guest Starring: John Forsythe

003--Triggers in Leash
A tavern keeper in the Old West must prevent two men from shooting each other. At the last possible second, she executes a clever ruse. Formerly 1503

004--Don't Come Back Alive
When a middle-aged woman goes missing for seven years so that her husband can collect life insurance money, an insurance investigator tails the husband for all seven years, trying to prove that her disappearance was a murder. Formerly 1507

005--Into Thin Air
Diana and her mother visit Paris during the 1899 World Exposition, when the elder woman falls ill. Leaving the hotel to get medicine, Diana returns to find her gone, and no one recalls ever having seen her before. Formerly 1504

A big shot ex-convict plots a diabolical scheme to avenge the homicide of his younger brother. Guest Starring: Gene Barry

A man is forced to face his own aversion to crying when everyone presumes falsely that he is dead -- what he condemned in others might be the only act that could save his life. Guest Starring: Joseph Cotton, Aaron Spelling (yes that Aaron Spelling, in a rare tv-acting role)

008--Our Cook's A Treasure
A successful married man believes that his cook is trying to poison him with arsenic. Only after he fires the cook does he realize who the real attempted murderer is. Guest Starring: Everett Sloan, Janet Ward

009--The Long Shot
A race track bettor gets in over his head when he gets too greedy for money. Mysterious papers that entitle the bearer to a large sum of money serve as the pitfall for him, as well as others before him. Guest Starring: Peter Lawford

010--The Case of Mr. Pelham
A man is driven insane when he believes that another man is impersonating him and replicating every aspect of his life.

011--Guilty Witness
A small grocery store clerk uncovers his wife's dark secret when his neighbor's body is found murdered in a baby buggy. Guest Starring: Joe Mantell, Kathleen McGuire

012--Santa Claus and the 10th Avenue Kid
An ex-convict turned Christmas store Santa Claus discovers he still has larceny on the mind. However, a little roughneck puts him on the defensive by challenging him on the virtues of the jolly old fellow from the North Pole. Guest Starring: Barry Fitzgerald

013--The Cheney Vase
An elderly recluse and owner of a priceless vase becomes engrossed in a drama of greed and cunning. Guest Starring: Patricia Collings, Darren McGavin

014--A Bullet for Baldwin
When a clerk is fired for misfiling a paper, his error unleashes a chain of events including two cold-blooded murders and a case of mistaken identity. Guest Starring: John Qualen, Sebastian Cabot, Philip Reed

015--The Big Switch
A gunman, bent on homicide, buys an airtight alibi and provides an ironic tale of fateful circumstance. Guest Starring: George Mathews, George E. Stone, Joseph Downing

016--You Got To Have Luck
A dangerous criminal on the run terrorizes a young woman by forcing her to let him hide out in her house. However, the terror turns toward him when he realizes that the woman is deaf. Guest Starring: John Cassavettes, Marisa Pavan, Ray Teal

017--The Older Sister
The trial of Lizzie Borden, who was involved in one of the most infamous of nineteenth-century crimes, is the setting of this episode where an old-type newspaper woman uncovers the crime. Guest Starring: Joan Lorring, Carmen Mathews, Polly Rolles

018--The Derelicts
A bum witnesses a murder and decides to blackmail and antagonize the murderer. Guest Starring: Robert Newton, Philip Reed

019--Safe Conduct
An American newspaper woman and a soccer player get involved with customs issues when the woman is blamed for stealing a watch. Guest Starring: Claire Trevor, Jacques Bergerac, Werner Klemperer (as the German border official)

020--Place of Shadows
A drama unfolds in a monastery when one man searches out another to make him pay for the deaths of his father and girlfriend. Guest Starring: Mark Damon, Everett Sloane, Sean McClory, Everett Glass, Joseph Downing

021--Back for Christmas
A man kills his domineering wife and hides her body in the wine cellar of their basement. He thinks that everything is fine until builders come to his house and want to start excavating the cellar. This story had previously been used for an episode of radio's "Suspense" series

022--The Perfect Murder
Two brothers conspire to kill their aunt for her inheritance but the plan backfires when the aunt surprises them with a plan of her own. Guest Starring: Mildred Natwick, Hurd Hatfield, Philip Coolidge, Hope Summers, Gladys Hurlbut

023--There Was an Old Woman
A thieving couple find more that they bargained for when they try to rob a supposedly crazy lady of her money. Guest Starring: Charles Bronson

A mystery writer is murdered. He begs his archangel for a chance to go back in time and catch his murderer in the act. Guest Starring: John Williams, Alan Napier, Philip Coolidge, Ruta Lee, Amanda Blake, Bill Stack, Rudy Robles

025--Help Wanted
A married couple is in dire need of money for medical expenses for the wife; therefore, the husband takes on a questionable job to raise the necessary funds. However, the couple is put in jeopardy when the husband's boss asks him to kill a man. Guest Starring: John Qualen, Lorne Greene, Madge Kennedy, Ruth Swanson, John Harmon

026--Portrait of Jocelyn
A man whose wife has disappeared finally remarries, only to have artistic images of his lost wife begin to surface around him. Formerly 1534

027--The Orderly World of Mr. Appleby
An antique dealer in debt gets an idea from a book, "Accidental or Murder," and kills his wife. He marries a wealthy widow, who later becomes suspicious. Guest Starring: Michael Ansara. Formerly 1533

028--Never Again
Does an alcoholic and jealous girlfriend murder the man she loves?

029--The Gentleman from America
A wealthy American spends a night in a haunted house.

030--The Babysitter
A babysitter thinks she knows who killed her employer.

031 ---The Belfry
A man kills the fiancee of a woman he loves and then flees.

032--The Hidden Thing
A man tries to identify the hit and run driver who killed his lover.

033--The Legacy
An oriental prince kills himself over love for a mousy woman.

A stolen mink leads a woman to trouble.

A young man is framed for the murder of a star's husband.

036--The Creeper
"The Creeper" kills several women in New York City. Somewhat similar to Hitchcock's early movie "The Lodger"

A young man who tries to obtain the money that is owed him finds himself in the middle of violence.

038--Wet Saturday
A man (actor John Williams) falls prey to a psychotic family when he overhears them discuss a murder they just committed.

039--Fog Closing In
A woman discovers the cause of her deeply rooted fears.

040--De Mortuis
Friends decide not to turn in a buddy for murdering his philandering wife.

041--Kill With Kindness
An elderly brother and sister plot a murder for insurance money.

042--None Are So Blind
A young man thinks he has plotted the "perfect murder."

A childhood sweetheart comes back suddenly into the life of a lonely, middle-aged, bookkeeper. She brings a mysterious "baby," about whom she is extremely possessive, with her.

044--Alibi Me
A murderer finds it hard to get his acquaintances to give him an alibi.

045--Conversation Over A Corpse
A woman will go to any lengths to have a house.

046--Crack of Doom
A man stakes everything he owns, as well as some things he doesn't, in a poker game.

A young man thinks his step-mother killed his father.

048--The Better Bargain
A man hires a gunman to kill his cheating wife.

049--The Rose Garden
A publisher finds himself in the setting of a murder mystery.

050--Mr. Blanchard's Secret
The imagination of a mystery writer goes overboard when she suspects that her neighbor has killed his wife. But is there some substance to her musings?

051--John Brown's Body
A wife and her lover convince her husband that he is losing his grip on life.

A stranger casts a shadow on the life of young honeymooners headed toward Santa Barbara. Somewhat similar to Ida Lupino's movie Hitch-hiker

053--Nightmare in 4-D
The mystique of a dazzling blonde entangles a man in a murder he did not commit.

054--My Brother, Richard
A crazed brother commits a murder and then holds his family hostage.

055--The Manacled
A man on his way to the gas chamber resorts to desperate measures to escape.

056--A Bottle of Wine
An elderly judge, abandoned by his wife for a younger man, contrives a scheme against his rival.

057--Malice Domestic
A husband fakes an illness in order to kill his wife.

058--Number Twenty-Two
A candy store robber discovers that petty crime can have deadly consequences.

059--The End of Indian Summer
A woman who is investigated for being widowed twice under mysterious circumstances marries a man who has lost four wives.

060--One for The Road
An adulterous man incurs the wrath of both his wife and his mistress.

061 ---The Cream of the Jest
An alcoholic actor's well-delivered lines lead to his demise.

062--I Killed the Count, Part I
Two different people confess to the murder of a count. John Williams as the Inspector

063--I Killed the Count, Part 2
In Part II, the number of confessors to the murder of the count increases to three.

064--I Killed the Count, Part 3
The true killer of the count is finally discovered, but cannot be convicted.

065--One More Mile to Go
A man (David Wayne) who is driving around with his wife's dead body in the trunk is pulled over by a cop because of a faulty taillight.

066--Vicious Circle
A murderous gangster is eventually killed by his own protege.

067--The Three Dreams of Mr. Findlater
Dreams and reality blend in this tale of an unhappily married man.

068--The Night the World Ended
A practical joke convinces a wino the world is about to end.

069--The Hands of Mr. Ottermole
A serial killer is at large in foggy London.

070--A Man Greatly Beloved
A convicted murderer is mistaken for a judge of impeccable morals.

071--Martha Mason, Movie Star
A woman's obsession with an actress crisscrosses in strange ways with her roles in life.

072--The West Warlock Time Capsule
A husband finds an ingenious way to get rid of his wife's brother who has moved in with them.

073--Father and Son
The relationship of a father and son is complicated by finances, an escaped convict and a singer at a nightclub.

074--The Indestructible, Mr. Weems
Lodge brothers pay one of their dying friends $50 for each week of his life if he agrees to buy a plot in a cemetery they own.

075--A Little Sleep
A woman bored by the various men in her life finds herself in a mountain cabin with two men, one of whom is a murderer.

076--The Dangerous People
Men on a train suspect each other of being a schizophrenic inmate who has escaped from a lunatic asylum.

077--The Glass Eye
A woman's one shot at love, and her obsession with a ventriloquist, leads her to unearth a deception that only leads to loneliness.
Intro by William Shatner as her relative. During this period, Shatner also starred in a classic Twilight Zone episode, and the b/w Outer Limits episode Cold Hands, Warm Heart

078--Mail Order Prophet
A middle-aged man, stuck in a dead end job, stakes his life on the predictions of a mail order prophet.

079--The Perfect Crime
An arrogant criminologist, lauded by the press as the "world's greatest detective," discovers that he has sent an innocent man to his death. Guest Starring: Vincent Price

080--Heart of Gold
A parolee is taken in by a family, but his attempts to build a new life and new relationships are met with disappointment.

081--Silent Witness
A college professor ends up killing a student he was having an affair with, and the only witness is a baby.

082--Reward to Finder
A husband and a wife each have their own designs on money found in a lost wallet.

083--Enough Rope for Two
A robber returns from a ten year sentence to discover that the hundred thousand dollars he hid in the desert is not so easy to recover after all.

084--Last Request
A prisoner on death row asserts that he is innocent and writes a letter to a major newspaper exposing the "blunders" of the district attorney.

085--The Young One
A young woman will do anything it takes to get away from the small town in which she lives with her spinster aunt.

086--The Diplomatic Corpse
While on a sight-seeing trip to Mexico, an old English woman dies of a heart attack and the car her body's in is stolen. Her daughter and son-in-law spend all their money to hire a private detective to find both. Formerly 1579

087--The Deadly
A plumber uses blackmail to extract payoffs from local housewives. Formerly 1594

088--Miss Paisley's Cat
Miss Paisley's cat angers her dangerous neighbor, who kills it. The next night, he is knifed to death. Miss Paisley can't remember if she did it or not. Formerly 1589

089--Night of the Execution
A strange little man confesses to a murder that someone has already been convicted of, but the aspiring young prosecuting attorney covers it up. Formerly 1592

090--The Percentage
A young gangster tries to do good by an old army buddy of his, but things go awry and he gets double-crossed in the end. Formerly 1580

091 ---Together
An adulterous man kills his lover but finds it difficult to get out of the situation he finds himself in.

A wealthy over-protective businessman suspects his distraught daughter will shoot herself over the loss of her greedy husband. Formerly 1593

093--The Motive
A crime researcher attempts to commit the perfect random murder in order to prove that one cannot solve a murder mystery without a motive. Formerly 1598

094--Miss Bracegirdle Does Her Duty
A fearful old maid finds herself accidentally locked in a French hotel room with someone dangerous. Formerly 1587

095--The Equalizer
A small man uses a gun to face down a larger man who steals away his wife. Formerly 1503A

096--On the Nose
A gambling housewife desperately tries to pay back her bookie before her husband can find out about her betting debt. Formerly 1504A

097--Guest for Breakfast
An argument between spouses is interrupted by the arrival of a wanted murderer on the run. Formerly 1507A

098--The Return of the Hero
During the Algerian war, a sergeant and his crippled friend meet a young woman in Marseilles. Formerly 1595

099--The Right Kind of House
Mr. Waterbury buys an overpriced house, only to find it a carefully-laid trap for a murderer. Formerly 1508A

100--The Foghorn
The disappearance of a couple into the San Francisco bay fog remains a mystery until a half-century later. Formerly 1597

101--Flight to the East
A war correspondent suddenly changes his opinion on a post-war trial, and several facts resurface which involve him in a murder case. Formerly 1509A 1

102--Bull in a China Shop
A detective is invited for tea at the Victorian home of four old ladies, but murder will be the highlight of the afternoon. Formerly 1502A

103--Disappearing Trick
A swindler snoops out his tennis partner, wondering how her dead husband can still place bets on horse races. Formerly 1510A

104--Lamb to the Slaughter In one of Hitchcock's favorite episodes, a woman being abandoned by her husband for a younger woman kills him by hitting him on the head with a frozen leg of lamb. She then claims he was done in by an intruder, and when the police show up at the scene, the weapon is nowhere to be found.

105--Fatal Figures
A bookkeeper obsessed with his own unimportance seeks to gain attention by murdering his sister. Formerly 1511A

106--Death Sentence
Norman is convinced that his old buddy Al is interested in his wife. His suspicions eventually drive his wife away. Oddly, a bomb in the family car solves all their problems. Formerly 1513A

107--The Festive Season
A family lawyer tries to mend an old would between brother and sister at Christmastime, but the brother remains convinced that his sister murdered his wife. Formerly 1512A

108--Listen, Listen. . .!
Three young women are murdered, and the supposed killer captured, but one little man has a story to tell about the third killing, and no one will listen to him. Formerly 1501A

109--Post Mortem
A murderer who married his victim's widow attempts to collect on his victim's Irish lottery ticket. But an insurance investigator is on to him. Formerly 1514A

110--The Crocodile Case
A young man kills his lover's husband, and would get away with murder, if the woman did not desperately want her crocodile case that was left behind at the murder scene.

111--A Dip in the Pool
Aboard a transatlantic liner, a henpecked husband gets over his head in a bet. He sinks to desperate measures in an effort to recoup his losses. Guest Starring: Fay Wray

112--The Safe Place
A bank teller with a gambling addiction comes up with the perfect scheme to embezzle money from his employers. Guest Starring: Jerry Paris

113--The Canary Sedan
A Hong Kong taxi provides the setting for this tale of psychic powers, romance, and murder. Guest Starring: Jessica Tandy

114--The Impromptu Murder
A lawyer plans to exact his revenge on a woman who once accused him of embezzlement. Guest Starring: Hume Cronyn

115--Little White Frock
An elderly unemployed actor recounts a tragic tale for his dinner guests, a playwright and his wife.

A poisonous snake only adds to the conflict between two men, both vying for the same woman, who work together on a plantation in Malaya.

117--Don't Interrupt
When a mental patient's escape terrorizes the passengers on a snowbound train, an eight-year-old boy may be the only one capable of saving the day. Guest Starring: Cloris Leachman, Chill Wills

118--The Crooked Road
While driving through a small town, a couple runs afoul of the law and discovers that their unexpected stop may be very costly indeed. Guest Starring: Walter Matthau

119--The $2,000,000 Defense
An accused murderer agrees to pay a hotshot lawyer two million dollars if he'll get him off a murder charge.

120--Design for Loving
In this adaptation of a classic Ray Bradbury story, a man engineers a plan to leave his wife without her ever knowing it.

121--A Man with a Problem
A death occurs when a man attempting to commit suicide meets his wife's lover. Guest Starring: Gary Merrill, Elizabeth Montgomery

122--Safety for the Witness
Police question a gunsmith about a threatened gangland murder, but their probing only serves to convince the mob that the man knows more than he is telling. Guest Starring: Art Carney

123--Murder Me Twice
Is a hypnotized woman really possessed by a dead Quaker murderess, or is she simply using her trance as a convenient alibi for murder?

124--Tea Time
A love triangle leads to blackmail Ė and ultimately to death.

125--And the Desert Shall Blossom
Two elderly hermits encounter an escaped killer in the Nevada desert. Guest Starring: William Demarest, Roscoe Ates

126--Mrs. Herman and Mrs. Fenimore
Two ladies hatch a plot to murder a stingy old man.

127--Six People, No Music
A wealthy manís demise and planned lavish funeral pose an ethical dilemma for an undertaker when he briefly recovers and demands the cheapest possible funeral in the undertaker's preparation room with no other witnesses.

128--The Morning After
When a mother learns of her teenage daughterís affair with a married man, her attempts to stop the romance have disastrous consequences. Guest Starring: Robert Alda, Fay Wray

129--A Personal Matter
Murder on a construction site forces two men to share each otherís deepest secrets.

130--Out There--Darkness
A wealthy woman accuses a young man who works for her of theft. Her false accusation ruins several lives. Guest Starring: Bette Davis

131--Total Loss
A department-store owner decides to commit arson for an insurance settlement, but the story has a twist.

132--The Last Dark Step
A jilted girlfriend refuses to let her former lover go so that he can marry another girl.

133--The Morning of the Bride
A young woman wonders why her boyfriend will never introduce her to his mother. She insists upon a meeting that reveals strange circumstances. Shades of Psycho! Guest Starring: Barbara Bel Geddes

134--The Necklace
A jewel theft has an unusual effect on an elderly store employee. Guest Starring: Claude Rains

135--Relative Value
Wealthy Uncle Felix tries to convince his check-forging nephew to be patient and wait for his inheritance. His nephew, however, has other ideas. Guest Starring: Denholm Elliott

136--The Right Price
An enterprising burglar makes an interesting proposal to a man whose house he is in the middle of ransacking. Guest Starring: Eddie Foy, Jr.

137--I'll Take Care of You
A used-car salesman hatches a scheme to make one of his junkyard lemons a vehicle for murder.

138--The Avon Emeralds
Scotland Yard is on the trail of a beautiful noblewoman plotting to swindle the English Treasury.

139--The Kind Waitress
A hotel waitress discovers that she figures in the will of an elderly customer. She and her boyfriend decide to speed up the inheritance collection via poison.

140--Cheap Is Cheap
Miserly Alexander Gifford looks for an economical way to dispose of his spendthrift wife. Guest Starring: Dennis Day (spoofing his long-time cheap boss on radio, Jack Benny)

141--The Waxwork
The spooky atmosphere of a wax museum proves fatal for a reporter spending the night on the premises.

142--The Impossible Dream
The stage is set for trouble when an aging actor is blackmailed by one of his colleagues. Guest Starring: Franchot Tone, Mary Astor

143--Banquo's Chair
A detective (John Williams) hires a woman to play a ghost to get a man to confess to a murder. However, when the real ghost shows up, everyone is shocked.

144--A Night with the Boys
When a man loses his money in a poker game, he fakes his own mugging to get it back before his wife finds out. But then she calls the police to report the supposed crime, complicating things

145--Your Witness
A lawyer's slick courtroom tactics prove to be his undoing. Guest Starring: Brian Keith

146--Human Interest Story
A reporter interviews a man who may or may not be a Martian. Guest Starring: Steve McQueen, Arthur Hill

147--The Dusty Drawer
When a man is shortchanged during a bank transaction, he vows not only to get his money back but also to get revenge on the clerk who defrauded him. Guest Starring: Dick York

148--A True Account
(Description not available)

A man discovers that he cannot be convicted for engaging in a duel of honor and promptly challenges his wife's lover.

150--Invitation to an Accident
The second husband of a beautiful woman may be responsible for her recent series of near-fatal accidents. Guest Starring: Joanna Moore, Gary Merrill

A man kills a woman to avoid marrying her. When the police admit defeat at finding the killer, the man sends them some food with a surprise special ingredient.

152--The Crystal Trench
A young woman on her honeymoon loses her husband in a mountaineering accident. She mourns his death for twenty years, turning down all other opportunities for love. She discovers the true affections of her dead husband when his body is recovered from a glacier.

153--Appointment at Eleven
Davy Logan awakens from a nightmare with the conviction that someone is going to die.

Episodes 173-237; "Hitchcock Hour"

173--Man from the South
In a Las Vegas casino, two men addicted to gambling risk fingers and cars over the efficiency of a lighter. Then his wife shows up. Guest Starring: Peter Lorre, Steve McQueen

185--The Schwartz-Metterklume Method
A family takes in, and then fires, a governess who practices new and radical methods of education. But the governess is not exactly who they think she is. Guest Starring: Hermione Gingold

187--Escape to Sonoita
Criminals leave two truck drivers and a young woman for dead in the Arizona desert. But the criminals turn on each other when faced by a shortage of drinking water. Guest Starring: Burt Reynolds as the oilfield tanker truck driver

189--Mrs. Bixby and the Colonel's Coat
A woman pawns a coat that her adulterous lover has given her in fear of getting caught by her husband. She is in for a surprise when she goes to visit her husband the next day at his office. Guest Starring: Audrey Meadows

190--The Doubtful Doctor
A successful young executive recounts a strange experience to a psychiatrist. He feels that he has been transported back to a previous time in his life, yet things are not happening as they had happened. Guest Starring: Dick York, Gena Rowlands

195--Outlaw in Town
A stranger who appears in a small town bears a likeness to a wanted criminal. This sets off a bidding war as to who gets to turn him in for the reward, and even helps turn around the economy of a depressed town. Guest Starring: Ricardo Montalban of Star Trek 2:Wrath of Khan fame

207--The Landlady
A young man comes to stay at a boarding house at a small English town run by a mysterious woman. Guests at the boarding house have a tendency to mysteriously disappear.

210--The Horseplayer
Because the roof of a church is in need of repair, a Father asks one of his parishioners, a betting man, to wager for him. The parishioner does so with unsettling consequences. Guest Starring: Claude Rains

221--A Secret Life
A middle-aged art dealer, bored with his marriage, feels a renewed interest for his wife when he suspects her of having an affair. Guest Starring: Ronald Howard

228--Bang! You're Dead
A boy finds a loaded gun in the suitcase of his uncle. He then goes outside to play, gun in hand, to the local supermarket. Guest Star Billy Mumy says that Hitch told him that if he didn't stand still and stop fidgeting during filming, he would nail Mumy's feet to the floor and the blood would run down into his shoes. What a jokster.

230--Cop for a Day
A veteran crook disguises himself as a cop to silence a witness. However, the disguise only makes him the victim of his trigger-happy comrade. Guest Starring: Walter Matthau

231--Keep Me Company
A lonely wife pretends a crime was committed so that she can have the company of a policeman. However, her invitation leads to unforeseen consequences for her husband. Guest Starring: Anne Francis of Forbidden Planet

237--The Right Kind of Medicine
A cop killer is paranoid that he will be identified by people who see him. But his paranoia may lead to his downfall. Guest Starring: Robert Redford


003--Night of the Owl
A blackmailer terrorizes the foster parents of an adopted daughter in his efforts to collect ransom or reveal a terrible truth to the girl. Guest Starring: Brian Keith

009--The Black Curtain
A victim of amnesia who undergoes another head trauma realizes that he is both a murderer wanted by the police as well as the target of another killer. Guest Directed by Sydney Pollack

A determined revivalist tent preacher decides nothing - not even murder - will stand in his way of owning his own temple. Guest Starring: Peter Falk, Dina Merrill

018--A Tangled Web
A wife fights with her deep love to recover her husband from his hopeless obsession to steal. Guest Starring: Robert Redford

035--Terror at Northfield
A young librarian becomes concerned when she notices the disappearance of a young boy named Tom Cooley. Guest Starring: Dick York

037--Blood Bargain
A professional killer is hired by a ruthless racketeer to kill a man suspected of stealing money. Guest Starring: Richard Kiley (voice-over narrator of "Jurassic Park")

043--How to Get Rid of Your Wife
Following the death of his mother-in-law, an amiable man decides that he would also like to be rid of his shrewish wife. Guest Starring: Bob Newhart

052--Murder Case
An American actor conspires with an old flame to kill her wealthy husband. Guest Starring: John Cassavettes

074--Memo from Purgatory
A young writer goes to New York for the purpose of gathering material for a novel about juvenile delinquents. In order to learn more about his subjects, he changes his name and joins one of the neighborhood gangs in a slum section of Brooklyn. Guest Starring: James Caan, Walter Koenig (Chekov in Star Trek)

079--Thanatos Palace Hotel
A hotel participates in an unusual service in death. Guest Starring: Angie Dickinson

16801--I Saw the Whole Thing
A formidable, but puzzling, amount of evidence is sworn to under oath against a hit-and-run driver when five witnesses, each viewing the accident, separately swear to the same, identical facts. Guest Starring: John Forsythe

25418--The Crimson Witness
A man goes to drastic measures when he loses his job, his lover, and his mistress all in the same day. Guest Starring: Peter Lawford

25410--Return of the Verge Likens
The son of a man who was killed by an unscrupulous politician avenges his father's death through a method for which he cannot be convicted. Guest Starring: Peter Fonda

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