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The Golden Arrow Pack

**Through Peace time, through War time with friends by our side. We fight for the freedom Of every man, and all man kind. We stand by our brothers. We stand by our friends. We fight when we need too. Then in peace time we are friends..**

Hello, and welcome to the Golden Arrow Pack Den and Palace. We have dwelt in this part of the World for a long time. Our Den, and Pack, has seen its days, and its not so good days. But these last few years have been very peaceful, and we have flurished in a world that sometimes has forgotten the love of family and home.

The strong fight for survial in this time and piriod goes on, as with everyone, every day. Yet the even stronger fight for justice, for family and love rules this Pack. For we fight for the better. Not petty killings, but for just causes. We hold tight our families. For because of family and love there is no better place to live than within our Den and Home. We accept those who look for the same things in life as us, peace, loyalty, and love.

~Is anyone around anymore?? I might be back for a time, I'm got a message board up for anyone who even might check this webpage anymore...~ -Jade


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