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Member Backgrounds/Bios

Here is some information on some of the members in our Pack:

Jade: Alpha of the Golden Arrow Pack. She is Half Garou half Human. She was raised by her mother. Her life is deticated to this pack. For a complete bio on Jade please click here.

Grey: Made a blood-brother, and member of the pack by Sabre soon before his dissapearance and his appearance. He is a full blooded Garou, and took over Sabre's job of watching over his little sister. He has now joined another Clan, but is still loyal to the Golden Arrows.

Ty: He the legendary chaos demon dragon, contricted by 10 mages, 10 sorcerers and 12 necromancers. To create him they all merged their magical dragon and demon and chaos energies to form an egg. After this egg was created, the group lost so much energy they had to merge together just to live, the one magic force the form they created was called "Ty". About 4 hours after the egg was created, Ty felt the egg and noticed it was cold, so he created a warm blanket and put it around the eggmit, it got warm again like it was when created. Ty also noticed the creature inside could not stay in there forever, a few days later, he used a knife and stabbed the egg, as dragon whelp hoped out, about the size of a house cat. This dragon creature was very weak, Ty decided to merge into it and create the strongest demon there ever was, a chaos demon dragon, known in a legend of the chaos demon dragon. It is the only demon that can grow into a 1000 foot beat known as "hells crantor”. The whelp grew massive. After one minute he was about the size of a small barn. His form covered in 5 inch thick steel/adamantine strong scales and 15 heads in his last form. He is the strongest known demon yet, Ty has gather much energy over the past 5 million years he has been alive in a no time realm, and he has made way to earth with an energy vortex created by a wandering mage named "Akane". Ty has spent another 40 years trying to create enough energy for another chaos demon dragon, for if another is created, he can obtain the worlds strongest demonic creature.....

Mercury: Addopted daughter of Jade's. Her and her friend Magical are also students under Jade for becoming Priestesses.

Magical: Friend of Mercury's. Her mother was the Priestess of the Golden Arrows till she married into another Pack and Magical decided to stay and also become a student under Jade.

BlackClaw: As of yet, any information upon this stranger, to most, is unavaliable...

Wika: This little pup has not only a bubbly personality, but a tough past. She is Metis, and a Wendigo like Sabre and Jade. But she was abandoned by her parents when she was born, then Jade found her and took her in as a Golden Arrow.

RosePaw: She spent all her years chased by humans, for her mother died when she was days old. She has magic, but without her own Starwolf kind, it is dormant. Rosepaw's untrained magic builds every day, leading to disaster, since she has had no Pack for most of her life, she is mentally still a pup. Her emotions can easily take control and that would mean disaster.If you can see magic, her magic is violet and silver, a growing tangle of vines growing around her, out of control. Because her first Pack was slaughtered before her, she has traumatic flash backs, in that, her magic lashes out suddenly in powerful and uncontrolable bursts.

Garr: He is one of two guardians left for the realms clan animal packs . He stands at 7'7" in his guardian form but he stands 5'9" in human form. In human form he has grey eyes and brown hair. In his guardian form he has grey and white fur His wings are grey and leathery he has smokey grey eyes he carries a spear known as the beast spear that appears and disappears when needed. Garr was seperated from his brother when a clan of evil dragons attacked and killed all but him and his brother they onced lived in a beautiful tower called angel cast but it was destroyed by the dragons and Garr and his brother have been seperated eversince. The dragons hunted Garr and captured him thinking they could sell him at a slave auction. Garr has Certain abilities such as His wings and his spear but he also has A bit of healing power and an energy fighting powers and also is very strong and fast when he takes to the air.

Gurahl: Little is know about this Gurahl. He is of Grizzly, and is willing to risk his life to defend the den. He has a Massive Battle axe. made from Red wood and mithral, due to the fact that he practicly has no name, he respons to , Sir and Mister.. but not Mr. Bear guy.

Rose (the Little One): Rose is one of the twian addopted daughters of Jade.

Salem: Salem was about 5 when hunter`s came, and could barly defend himself. His parents died, and he was injured, a scar across his face, marking over his left eye. When he woke up after the fight, thankfuly still alive (Of course?) he began looking through the bodys, finding his parnets. He took a small ring and amulet known as the Northern Jewels from his Father, the items able to increse his mind`s reach to the Astral if needed, and spells he might need. He is a Garou, can shift into 4 forms. A large Black Wolf, a large Black Panther, his Homid form, and a small raven. He carrys his normal Walking staff, and uses it as his weapon.

Kane: Kane was once a warrior of a clan known as the griffin gargoyles. His race was hunted by humans and other creatures until kane was the last one. In human form he stands at 5'11" with blue eyes and dirty blonde hair, he also wears a black karate uniform and a black shroud. In his Griffin form he stands at 8'7" his wings stretch to 9' across and are blue and grey feathery wings. his his body looks much like a cats but his face like an eagle. he wears a sword with a blood red blade on it that is known as the blood sword. kane was a bounty hunter for about 10 years until his friend garr was suppose to be his next bounty and he turned against his employers who tried to have him killed. Garr asked his if he would like someone he could call his family and told him to talk to jade and that is how he came to be with the GoldenArrows.

Corlyn: *a self bio by Corlyn* I came as a stranger seeking a home, not having any of my kind left(The FireTigers). You (The GoldenArrows) took me in, and I've been working on my Shamaness powers since, attempting to become very good at it with people's help. I'm a SINGLE character(whoops, this ain't the want ads, hehehe)!!! My original form is firetiger, and I learned the Elf form from watching them. That's how I acquire new form, by watching the species form I want!

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