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Golden Arrow History

Many feet walked the path that Fate set before them. For better or worse the footprints mingled upon the un-trodden path. They didn’t know what the Fates had in store for them, or what will become of each new life born upon their shoulders. They stood tall, the Golden Arrows, lights in the Darkness… None of them knowing where the Path they follow will lead. 15 souls stood that day in unity, unbroken, strong, steadfast upon the ground of what is now the Golden Arrow Pack’s Den and Palace.

The sounding of many voices raising upon the wind surrounded the Valley as all the members worked together to build the Golden Palace and Den with room enough for all. At the finish of the great Founding these same voices lifted as one in a triumphant roar. Tara and Zahn stood proud before their people, the Founding Alphas of the Golden Arrows. But soon a great devastation would wield itself upon the Pack, and for better or worse their lives will be changed forever…

It was a cold and chilly morning, and no joyous voices rang in the Valley, Jade and Sabre stood before the Pack, and Jade, with tears in her eyes, told the rest of the events that took place in the Night. Tara and Zahn were called away upon a mission of great importance, and left Jade and her brother Sabre in charge. The members let out a murmur of concern, but accept the Fated event. Things went well for about a month. But it seems that the Gods themselves were discontented with the way the world was going. The forces of the Darkness seemed to take hold upon the Pack, and chaos erupted among the members. Most left, Sabre left, leaving Jade alone with a few others. The Valley no longer sounded with many voices, but yet rang with a solemn tune.

As the years pass the memories of what happened fade away, new and better things soon appear. The marriage of Jade to Manesto, and the birth of a child. The Valley once more seemed to have taken on the feeling of old. Jade was Alpha, friend to all the members, and friend to all. The Golden Arrow Pack soon was walking the Path of old… but in Jade’s heart she hoped that it would not lead to where the other path did. It was about a year from then that the Path soon showed its end to them.

Joyous was the day when Tara came back. And even more joyous was the reunion of the two sisters. Jade stepped down as Alpha, allowing her sister to take her place as Alpha once more. It was then that one named Syrano joined the Pack. He took it upon him to uphold the Pack’s values, and also took the heart of our Alpha Tara. Soon they were married, but one soul then came back, and waves of trouble made its way throughout the Valley once more, but unseeing eyes did not see its coming. Zahn returned. Hearing all about what has happened since his journey he mournfully decided to step down as Alpha and let Syrano take his rightful place. Which Syrano did. Peace once more settled upon the Valley. But for how long no one knew…

A year later. Not much has changed. The days grew bright and cheery, and the Valley rang with, maybe not so many voices, but joyous ones as life became as it use to. But the Fates seemed to have cursed the Pack to wander down the same path over and over. The now well trodden path lay bare in Jade’s heart as she watched over the Pack.

But at Night the shadows grew, and Darkness came with it. No one saw this… there was no warning in the winds. Tara disappeared, leaving those left wondering what happened. No one knows what happened to her, or where she went. But she was no longer there… Still not knowing where she was the Pack waited over 3 months for her return… and in not finding it they decided to elect a new Alpha to lead the Pack. The one they chose was Zahn. He once more rules the Pack, and in the hearts of all the wish to once again be the Light in the Darkness brings a hope that Zahn will lead the Pack off the Path that Fate made them, and onto one of peace and love.

It is another year later, and another Night of Shadows fell upon the Valley. Zahn disappeared once more. Three months later Jade expressed the need for a new Alpha, and through the votes of the Pack Memebers she has become Alpha of the Golden Arrows.

And so the Pack lives on, but throughout our times of trouble, and throughout all our times of strife, we have learned one important piece of knowledge. This piece of knowledge is about the most important thing in life, it is not having power over others… it's not being the best, the strongest... to us, being the most powerful or the strongest is nothing if you do not have love. And in this Pack love is what we hold dear. And with that love we grow more powerful as each day commences and comes to an end. And we share that strength with those who need and welcome it.

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