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Allies of The Golden Arrow Pack

Here is a list and a bit of infomation about our Allies. Please remember that there might be more allies that we haven't gotten up yet. Click on the Clan/Pack name to go to their web-pages if they have one to get more information.

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The Black Lions:
These almost mythical creatures are powerful allies, both in magics and in war. Through them we are semi-allied to the Lightwing family. Which can be found off thier site.

The WhitePaw Pack:
This is the Pack of SnowFall forest. We have had an alliance with them for a long time. Many of the Pack's Members have ties within the Golden Arrows. This Pack is made up much like us, with no specific breed or species, anyone is welcome there.

The Sea Web Captian and Crew:
This is a great alliance for both sides. We give the Sea Web a dock to come into, supplies grown on our land, and any support needed. They give us the same protection, supplies, and other help. They also get a place to stay while they are Docked with us, not to mention a water path into the main land and back out to the sea. As said before both sides greatly benifiting from this alliance.

The Sun Wolf Pack:
This Pack is a most formitable one, and we are happy to have them on our sides. Through the sheer number of members and the honor of the Alphas they are a force to be delt with if challanged.

The Silver Paw Pack:
This is a special alliance, the terms are that this is a exclusive alliance between the two of us. Other than that it is the same as all the other alliances in our Pack.

The Dark Riders:
This strong Clan in the Realm of Ayenee is one to be delt with.Their warrior bassed prowlessness add to the authenticity of this clan's power. Their city, Elrius, gives us the Golden Arrows a chance to upgrade our Trades from city to city while also a safe haeven for other members. Our lands in turn give them hunting grounds and a place to stay as well as an inlet from the ocean.


These Gryphons are the most playful, yet fierstest beings in just about all of the realms. Led by Sakura, who once was a memeber of the Golden Arrow. Be wary of their anger. The one thing to NEVER do is insult their honor.

The Candlebaine Clan:

Being a family, not unlike ourselves, makes the bonds tight within this clan. With such bonds the power is strong within the Clan also. We welcome them as our latest Allies.

If you have any question, comments, or want to propose an alliance please leave us a message at the message board