Objectives, Lab #8

Column Deflection and Critical Loads

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Lab #8 will involve the development of deflection curves for columns undergoing loading and with differing end conditions.

When a column is loaded in axial compression, the system will remain stable as long as the applied load is smaller than the Euler buckling or critical load, Pcr. A stable system is a system which returns to equilibrium when the load is removed.

As the applied load exceeds Pcr, the system becomes unstable, resulting in column bending and ultimate failure. The value of Pcr varies with the end conditions for the column. The following relationships have been established for common end conditions:

n = 1, 2, 3, ...

The value of n is determined by the boundary conditions. For a column with both ends pinned, n = 1. For a pinned-clamped column, n = 1.414. For a clamped-clamped column n = 2.

Description of Experiment

Column Deflection and Critical Loads

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Elements to include in your report

Your lab report must include at least the following:

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