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The Alzheimer Top Alcohol Funny Car
Wallpaper For Windows
Choose either the 640 x 480 or 800 x 600
Directions for installing your wallpaper to Windows in
Windows 95 or Windows 98 after it is finished downloading:

Unzip (or extract) to c:\windows folder. Use Winzip to extract if you do
not have an unzipping utility.

After you have extracted the file alzhwp8x6.bmp or alzhwp6x4.bmp to
your c:\windows folder, click on the Start Button.

Click on Settings.

Click on Control Panel.

Click on Display.

Click on Background.

Highlight either the alzhwp8x6.bmp (800 x 600) or alzhwp6x4.bmp (640 x 480) file.

Choose Center (or Stretch).

Click on Apply.

Click on OK.