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Good tips to help you get started

(1) Check the net for breakdancing sites. They really are a great source on getting started. Most sites often offer instructions for moves, pictures, and even downloadable videos of people breakdancing. In my links section, I'll include some of my fav sites which has helped me become a better b-boy and will surely help you as well.

(2) If you know some friends who breakdance, that's even better! You learn much faster than reading instructions.

(3) See if there are any breakdancing schools near where you live. They usually give you a free one day trial and then if you're interested, you can sign up.

(4) What I found that helped me too are music videos. Some Rap, Hip Hop, Dance, even Techno videos sometimes have breakers doing moves. What I do is I tape em', then I use the slow motion mode on my VCR so I can see the moved executed step by step. For example, videos like "Pretty Fly for A White Guy" by The Offspring, "Come Original" by 311, etc... The bottom line is anything on TV that has breakin' in it. =o)

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