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Breakdancing Moves

In breakdancing, there are many different moves that you can do. Some are easy and some are very hard. Below are some moves with their definitions. With time, I found out that there can be many different names for one move. So the moves I mention below are the basic names. I have heard many other names for them so I'll put those in also in case you're wondering what move I'm talking about. I'll try my best to describe what the moves are. It's really hard and sometimes, I'd rather be able to demonstrate the moves to show the person what the move is.

WARNING: Breakdance moves can cause injury. If you attempt this move, it is at your own risk. Use common sense. If you're a beginner, learn the easy moves before doing advanced moves. Where possible, practice on a soft surface. The best way to learn moves is to get a friend to teach you.

When I first started to breakdance, I quickly realized that the part of your body that you'll use the most are your WRISTS. It is VERY important that you warm-up for @ least 15 minutes before you start to breakdance, otherwise you might stretch some muscles that you've never used before and It can hurt really bad. So here are a couple of links for warm-up exercises.(from other sites)

Stretching your wrists

Stretches for your whole body

Full body warm-up(from Hikari Dojo)

All purpose stretching exercises

The dance breakers perform at the beginning of their routine to open up the circle. It looks like dancing(skipping) around as if you are about to fight someone. It's also known as "the battle". Uprocking is when the breaker skips from side to side with their feet and then stop and start again. Toprocking is the breaker's unique style of dancing before they usually go down on the floor for some footwork or some moves. Uprocking came naturally to me because it reminded me of sparing in Taekwondo when I had to move around quickly with my feet. There are lots of variations which you can add to make this normal move look good.

6 Step/Downrock
A move where a breaker works their feet goin' around(circle) and keeping their body in the middle. It's the first move that you need to learn in order to breakdance. The 6 step is a linker to other moves. For instance, you can start by doing the 6 step, then link to a windmill or some swipes. It's also an easy move that looks good when you master it and then, go faster and create your own style.

A freeze is when a breaker stops breaking and then poses in a sometimes easy to difficult position and stays still for 2-3 seconds. There are many types of freezes such as shoulder freezes, air freezes, elbow freezes, etc.

A backspin is basically spinning on your back with the momentum that you have coming from your legs that you swing.

This is when a breaker swings one leg out round and round in circles really quick which makes it look like a helicopter properler. It's basically hopping over one leg. You can do them straight legged or bent legged. I prefer the straight legged ones.

This is more of a martial arts/gymnastic type of move. It's when you're lying on your back on the floor and then with one motion, you spring yourself up with your hands to get back up on your feet. It's a move you can do instead of getting up normally from the ground.

This is like a flare but it's ONLY the start of it. The breaker swings his feet towards the front and their legs are straight and in a "V" shape. They usually link that move into footwork and so on.

This move was taken from gymnastics. If you've ever watched gymnastics on television, it's what they do on the pummel horse or on the floor exercises. They swing their legs around their body without them touching the ground. All that's touching the ground are your 2 hands. It's a very hard move and takes a long time to master. It all depends on how much you practice.

The name says it itself. The breaker executes many spins on their head. There are many variations of this move as well. You could have your feet straight together, on each side in a "V" shape, or grabbing your toes with your hands. It's a cool move! The hard part is to balance @ 1st.

This move is a very difficult move. It's where the breaker spins their entire body horizontally(while keeping their whole body straight) in the air and then land back on their feet. You might have seen this move performed by Shaolin Monks from their Wu-Shoo martial arts.

This is a kick where you put one hand on the ground and the opposite leg kicks out really far(some breakers can grab their leg once kicked)while the other leg is a bit off the ground. It's called an "L-kick" because the breaker stretches really far so it looks like and "L" rather than a "V". This move is also from Shaolin martial arts and Capoeira.

Windmill (butterflies)
If you've seen breakdancing once in your life, you probably know this move. It's called a windmill. This is where the breaker swings their legs in a continuous motion in a circle while rolling on their shoulders. It ressembles a windmill.

Turtles (floats, spiders)
This is the move where the breaker appears to be floating on the surface. All that's touching the floor are their hands and they rotate around in a circle very fast. It looks like a turtle but it's rotating fast on the ground. This move is executed by shifting your weight from putting your hips on your elbows. You can shift from your left hip onto your right and keep going or vice-versa. It's another one of those hard moves that takes alot of practice to achieve.

It's hard to describe this move cause' once again, it involves some swinging and rotating but here goes. The breaker swings their body around themselves(twisting like). Their arms are their stabilizers and they keep them straight. Their arms go straight on the ground and their legs follow up and swing in a circular motion without them touching the ground. This move is cool cause' breakers do 4 or more of them and when you do them continuously (which is hard), it's really phat!

There are many types of suicides that are really cool to watch. The breaker executes a move that is made to look like they wiped out and hurt themselves real bad but actually, they didn't. One good example is a front flip suicide. The breaker does a front flip and lands on their back on the floor and @ the last minute, they spread their legs and arms wide out like if they fell from the top of a building or something. This move is not used very often but is very cool. This move isn't recommended for beginners. Even I don't attempt these that much. It's all in the technique.

Moves Instructions

This gif animation is quite ugly and crappy now that I look @ it. It's cause' it was done by taking one picture @ a time. It was when I 1st started breakdancing. Don't think that the 6 step has to be done this way. This is how I thought it was done when I 1st started. It's good for you beginners just to show you how the steps are done. It's basically moving your feet around your body in a circle. So base yourself on that and add your own style and variations.

How to do the 6 step

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