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How I got into breakdancing...

Well, the thing is that I'm someone who has always been impressed by breakdancing. Whenever I would see some breakdancing in a music video or on a tv show, I would always stop and take the time to watch. I found it really cool and wished I could pull moves like they did. In secondary 3(grade 9), me and my friends would joke around at parties pretending to do some downrocking and 6 step. We would imitate them and laugh because we found it funny but I guess it was because we weren't able to bust some moves like them! Hehehe! Though I've always wanted to break but I thought that It would be really hard for me because you have to be in really good shape to breakdance.

So the years passed and I forgot about breakdancing and took on other hobbies like playing guitar. But in the September of 1999, my friend Rici from school invited me to his party and that's the night everything changed. At first I didn't really wanted to go but then I said "What the hell, parties = girls" so I went.

When I got there, everyone was cool and enjoying the party. Oh yeah, the food was great. I went there only knowing a couple of people like Frankie who's one of Rici's friends. I've known Frankie from high school when I went to Royal George for one week. Heheh, I got transfered after because my parents found that the school sucked so bad. So Frankie introduced me to a friend of his named Stefan at the party. Stefan had been breakdancing for a couple of years but not as seriously as he was now. Then after eating a bit, Frankie anxiously asked Stefan to give him a break demo in Rici's basement and Stef said ok. Rici had set up some speakers and had a DJ playing dope music downstairs. So I decided to go downstairs and take a peek at him busting some moves. I was so impressed because I had never seen breakdancing live. Then following Stefan, there were two other guys named Kelvin and Jeff who also went in the break circle and did some moves of their own. I was so eyes were wide open.

Later on that night, we were just chillin' upstairs. Most of us knew how to play the guitar so we just played a couple of tunes and then, passed on the guitar to someone else for them to play. I was hangin' out with Stefan, Kelvin, Jeff, and other friends the rest of the night. I was surprised of what they have said about them learning to break on their own. I thought that if they learned breakdancing by themselves, hell I can to! So that's how I started to REALLY get into breakdancing.

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