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Yes it's true and for all those people who don't believe me, I received my first $20.00 check 2 weeks ago(November 1999) after my friend had told me that he had received his. The way it works is that after downloading the viewbar, you earn $0.50/hour and once you accumulate $20.00 of hours in your account, they will send you the check. IT'S THAT EASY!!!

The VIEWBAR sits either @ the top or bottom of your screen while you surf the net. The VIEWBAR displays adds by many companies while you surf. Who cares, you just want the money right! The VIEWBAR is about 1 inch in height which doesn't take that much space on your screen. Don't worry, this ain't no fraud. Alladvantage is a real company. If I have time, I'll scan my next check and display it just to prove to all of you skeptics that it's true. So if you're interested, then click on the alladvantage banner below which will take you to their site. Then, you just have to fill in the information sheet, download the viewbar, and get ready to make some cash for free.

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