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The 6 Step in detail

Note:The following moves are for a counter-clockwise 6 step. If you wish to do it clockwise, simply switch the LEFTS LEGS and the RIGHTS LEGS.

(1) You start off in the push-up position but instead of putting your feet together, spread them apart a little more than shoulder width.
Step 1 Picture

(2) Next, move your left leg to the right and at the same time, lift your right arm up. This helps you balance and also adds a bit of style. For your left leg, it should be positioned at around 3 o'clock.(for the clockwise 6 step, that would be 9 o'clock)
Step 2 Picture

(3) Next, move your right leg that is still in the straight position behind your left leg. You can't really see from the angle of my picture but your legs should be forming an "X" position.(it's like crossing your legs the indian way when you sit down except you're semi-standing.) Now, most of your weight is on your left arm.
Step 3 Picture

(4) Next, you keep your right leg that's behind where it is and extend your left leg out straight.(sort of a kicking motion) Your left arm is used for balance.
Step 4 Picture

(5) Next, you do the same thing from step 4 except that now, you'll be extending your right leg out. The difference here is that you'll have both of your palms on the floor to balance because what you'll do next is sweep your right leg around. You are leaning more towards the right in order to sweep.
Step 5 Picture

(6) Next, the final movement to the 6 step. The "*" that are at the bottom right in my animation pics are extra pics I took for you bboys and bgirls so you can all see the sweeping motion. In reality, the sweeping motion is only one step in the 6 step. In "sweep picture 1", I'm sweeping my foot. Keep your foot straight and let your heel drag on the ground while you sweep because it's the proper way to do it. Both your arms are used to balance all your weight. DO NOT move your left leg. You keep it there. Imagine that your right leg has to wrap around your left leg that is inactive. The sweep is done in a circular motion and the right leg goes around you until your sweeping leg passes the 9 o'clock position(for the clockwise 6 step, that would be 3 o'clock) At this instant, you extend your left leg out behind the leg you just sweeped. Both legs should be pointing in the same direction. If not, then you're a freak! Hehe! View this in "sweep picture 2".
sweep picture 1
sweep picture 2

(7) Now, the final step is a breeze. Simply move your right leg back and into the starting push-up position.(step 1) Get it??
Step 6 Picture


The key to achieving this move is to take your time and learn it right. Don't rush things because it looks bad when you don't do it properly. Do each step at a time and then move on. After that you have mastered the six steps, you can start increasing your speed and linking other footwork to it which is really good. Remember, keep practicing, creating your own moves/styles, and keep it real!

Bboy JP

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