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Was it fate or accident
When the two of them met?
They've pondered o'er and o'er the thought
And there's no conclusion yet!



They met online one evening late.
They chatted, joked and played.
They shared their thoughts of many things;
Night turned to dawn and still, they stayed.

By day, their thoughts were intertwined.
By night, their hearts did soar,
His to her - her's to him
Laughing, chatting, wanting more.

They picked a time and place to meet
In a city of romance
And carefully planned the details
With nothing left to chance.

The day arrived to make the trip
From each of their abodes.
She, sailing the sky in an aeroplane;
He, travelling the winding roads.

The night before, he asked her,
"On which airline will you fly?"
Excitedly, she responded, "United-- Gate 6!"
"I'll be there!"
was his reply.

Once in the air and on her way
To the tryst they had been pursuing,
The doubts came fast and furiously.
Is this something she should be doing?

She needn't have concerned herself;
He was there....a smile on his face.
She felt such joy when he took her hand.
At last....they could embrace!

The days they shared were wonderful;
Time sped by in such a whirl.
All too soon it was time to leave
And return to their other world.

"Farewell! Adieu ! My dearest One!
You're in my heart transfixed.
I'll always remember
When first we United's Gate 6!"

(Written for two very special people.)


Midi Music: "Que Sera Sera"
Sequenced by: Frank Schober

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for more music by Grandpa Schober


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