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HI and welcome to my home on the Net. Just some facts about me and who I am. I was born in queens NY, the year was 1957. my horoscope sign is cancer the crab. My flower is larkspur .My gem is ruby I have 3 siblings one older sister one younger sister and an older brother.Iam married for 24 years to a wonderful man. I have 2 grown sons ages 21 and 23. Sadly I no longer have my little lucky he was a precious yorkshire terrier he left us last saturday we had to have him put to sleep, my heart is broken.I think of the words od Sonya Fitzpatrick "Animals Are Forever!".

I reside in a small town in upstate NY. New York has always been my home and most likely always be my home I think the only other 2 places I wouldn't mind living is Alaska and Maine. 

Yes I love the cold ! I have this philosophy - YOU can always get warm but there is ONLY so much you can take off to cool down.

My sons have recently both moved out of the house and I am surprised I am not suffering from  empty nest syndrome yet. I have so many things I would like to do like sewing and work on my website I don't think I have time to feel empty.  I don't look at it that way I look at it as a new adventure in my life just beginning!!

I like to spend my spare time on my computer working on my website and surfing the net, of coarse playing games.

Love to garden and if I had my way I would own a huge vegetable and fruit farm ! That would be so awesome! Hey If I ever hit the lottery you never know.

I love to go out to eat and one of my favorite places to go is one of  our local diners. I like home style cooking and since our son's have moved out we try to eat out more often. It really feels good to be able to do this, for a very long time we could never afford to go anywhere.

One of my favorite day trips is to a Casino! We have been to a few this year, we usually don't take allot of money with us so what we loose is okay to play with. I really enjoy it though!

I am thinking about trying my hand at sewing soon. My sons are into this thing called Larp! Which stands for Live Action Role Play. I think its great they get dressed up in midlevel garb, at least they are not drinking and doing drugs or hurting people and it gets them out doing something physical . So I was thinking of trying to make them some larping garb so to speak.

I always seem to have things to keep me busy even though I am disabled with 3 forms of arthritis I always try to keep myself motivated, It would be so easy to say I can't do anything. I feel as long as I don't over do it and injure myself which I have done over the years pushing myself I'm ok. I have a routine I try to stick to so I don't fall into a trap being too immobile to move, with arthritis you use it or you will loose it !


Hey be good to others and it will always come back to you...........

PEACE OUT!!!         


What is the dugie zone you ask? It is a place I am using to vent or rage or speak of great things that may get my attention for a brief amount of time....Its more or less my soap box!lol

Okay I am seriously irked by all this counting carbs crap!!! Argggggg! What set me off last time I was in a store was I saw CARB FREE VITAMINS!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!! Gimme a break !!!!!!!!!! If you are Irked a as much as I am my son showed me this neat and I think hilarious cartoon. Check it out...LOL Warning cartoon not suitable for kids. Go to this website and play the fatkins diet!


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