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Depo-Provera is a contraceptive that is injected into a woman every 3 months. I used it in 1996 and suffer from many of the side-effects of it. I am creating this page to warn women who are considering taking Depo and to help women who have already taken it and are suffering from the effects. Here is my story:

I got my first shot in January 1996. I was 17 and a senior in high school. I got my shot from a family planning clinic, and after considering all of the alternative forms of birth control, my doctor and I decided Depo would be best for me.

After my first shot, I suffered from a couple of the side effects that my doctor had warned me about, weight gain, acne, and spotting. Since I had been warned about this prior to the shot, I wasn't too worried and I got my second shot in April. I had the same effects after it.

I got my third shot in July, and continued to gain weight, although not a huge amount. When my third shot began to wear off, I began to have severe bleeding. I went to the emergency room, and was diagnosed with dysfunctional uterine bleeding and anemia, as a direct result of the bleeding. I was placed on hormones, and iron for the anemia, and the bleeding stopped. However, my periods have not returned to normal.

Prior to the shots, my periods were like clockwork, now I have one about every 6 months or so. I have been married for over a year, and my husband and I are trying to conceive, yet this is impossible without a period and ovulation. I am working on a lawsuit against the makers of Depo, and I strongly urge anyone interested to contact me.

Thank you for visting my site, and if you have any questions, please email me. I am willing to help any Depo survivor in any way that I can.

Today is November 27, 2000 and I am updating this page to let anyone who emails me know that I am having problems accessing my email. I have not been able to log into hotmail for over a week. I have emailed them several times, but I have still not received a reply. If you are interested in emailing me, please use

I am going to buy the cleaplan easy fertility monitor today. I will let everyone know if I have any luck!


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Common Side Effects of Depo Provera:

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