Gardeners Gut

Gardeners Gut is the longest cave system in the Waitomo area - with over 11km of surveyed passage. There is one main streamway that is fed from many stream sinks along the way. Many of these sinks are also passable cave entrances - meaning that this cave has a number of enjoyable through trips.
Most of the streamway is run-through passage, varying from akle to waist deep. This is one of the rare spots that you have to duck your head...
Almost all of the cave is developed in a very tall rift passage like this one. In many places, this rift has been explored and higher levels discovered... but I'm sure that there is much more of this cave yet to be discovered!
This is one of the two "twin waterfalls", where it drops to the main stream about two-thirds of the way along the main cave.
Gardeners Gut flows out into the river that feeds the nearby "natural bridge", and the cave boating tourist cave. It is a great opportunity to wash the muddy overalls in the (comparitively) warm water!
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