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About Mists

So you came to learn about Mists? Bwahaha! Read on!


Name: Pretty obvious: Mists_the_Wolf

Mate: DarkEyes-the-black-wolf

Number of pups: 15, I think, er.. more..

How long have you been in Skagit/Sinlahekin: Um.. I think I came to Skagit in late July, 1999

Friends: Lots of em: Sweet_Fur, QuiGon, MoonStone, Ravan/puppywolf, Remus, CosmicWolf, Lainey, Blacknight, Callista, James, Destiny/Gumdrop/all her handles, Betty, Ashes, Vincent, Growly, Topaz, James, Riz, Spongey, Spring, Tala, Party, WillowSpring, Dark Shadow, 4Paws, Tripod, Firesong, Buck, and the list goes on.. and on.. and on.. in other words.. there are probably people that I forgot to list

Other handles: My other well known handles are: SummerSunlight-the-Wolf, Safari-the-Deer, Pharoh-the-Hyena, SparklingTinsle-the-Dalmatian, Tiger-the-EgyptianMau, HauntingEyes-the-Goanna, The-Big-Test-Eater, Sammy-the-Human

Mainly used actions and phrases: *Raises an eyebrow* , Eh? , Bwahahahahahaha, *Jumps up and down* , *Chews on her paw* , ..... (I'm pretty sure there are more!)

Stuff made: SuGaRy LeMoNaDe (Me and Vince made it)

Stuffs about Mists in RL

RL Name: Samantha

Favorite Songs: Blue, I'll Be Standing At The Edge Of The Earth, The L.A. Song (?), I Do, I Knew I Loved You, Smile, I Ain't Got Nobody, Too Much Of Heaven

Well bye bye for now! ;o)