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"this page is a reference page for folks that have already been thru my pages. If this is your first time here, scroll to bottom and click onto the hand and go thru my pages manually. I do not have all the pages listed here and I don't want you to miss anything....
/revflag.gif "Pledge of Allegience & web rings"
/revflag.gif Some stuff about the author
/revflag.gif Founding Fathers on the 2nd. Amendment
/revflag.gif Home School (best gift 4 your children)
/revflag.gif Constitution for the united states of America
/revflag.gif Survival guide & important links
/revflag.gif An opinion of mine
/revflag.gif Democracy vs. Republic
/revflag.gif Communist Manifesto
/revflag.gif Ignorance vs. Stupidity
/revflag.gif My moron e-mail list
/revflag.gif The "TRUTH" about income tax
/revflag.gif Vote on my polls
/revflag.gif Quotes that "they" forgot
/revflag.gif U.S. Attorney General-Janet Reno
/revflag.gif Government & the Constitution
/revflag.gif A couple of "hidden" new laws
/revflag.gif How to buy American
/revflag.gif 2nd.Amendment-Jury Rights-Common Law
/revflag.gif "Bill of No Rights"
/revflag.gif Just say "NO" to the united nations
/revflag.gif "To Your Health page 1"
/revflag.gif "To Your Health page 2"
/revflag.gif "To Your Health page 3"
/revflag.gif "What is the Socialist Party?"
/revflag.gif "The Articles of the Confederation"
/revflag.gif "The Wild Pigs of the Okeefenokee Swamp"
/revflag.gif "Sunset at Coffin Rock"
/revflag.gif "Sunrise at Coffin Rock"
/revflag.gif "Home Made Printable Political Stickers"
/revflag.gif "Gun Control ?"
/revflag.gif "Original Page 2"
/revflag.gif "Original Page 3"
/revflag.gif "New World Order(ODOR) Quotes"

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