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Fire Support Base Crook was established 19 miles northwest of Tay Ninh City
amidst the jungles of War Zone C.

25th Infantry Division Territory

Fire Support Base Crook had been a thorn in the enemy's side since its construction.
Established 19 miles northwest of Tay Ninh City amidst the jungles of War Zone C, the base stood astride several key
enemy infiltration routes, effectively curtailing their use and providing massive support to the regular infantry patrols
in the area.

It was designed to provide artillery support throughout the area and was heavily armed. It was also well
constructed. Substantial bunkers and hardened fighting positions had been established, a wide swath of clear
terrain surrounded the base, and the men of the 3rd Battalion, 22nd Infantry had spend weeks patrolling the area.
Crook was one of the strongest positions in the Division's area of operations.

Crook was held with the soldiers of
"B" (Bravo) Company 3rd Battalion 22nd Infantry (Walking Regulars Motto: "Deeds Not Words")
and supported by "A" Battery 7/11 Field Artillery (Motto: "On Time On Target").

During the early morning hours of June 6th, 1969 in conjunction with several other attacks on
Tay Ninh City area, the NVA (North Vietnamese Army of the 88th NVA Regiment and the 272nd NVA Regiment as a Reinforcement Unit) attacked Fire Support Base Crook.
Throughout the previous evening soldiers had detected the movement of large groups of
enemy to the south and east of the base. At 03:00 hours a heavy barrage of mortar, rocket and
RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade) fire rained on the base from all sides.
"A" (Alfa) Battery 7/11 Field Artillery and the soldiers of
"B" (Bravo) Company 3/22 Infantry opened up with small arms,
machine guns, and 105mm howitzers on the enemy positions.
Cobra gunships, US Air Force C119 gunships (AKA: Spookie), 155mm and
8" Howitzers were called in to help support and trap any enemy retreat.
Heavy fire was laid down across the woodline to seal off the attackers on the open plain.
The NVA attack was over before it even got started, however it seemed like an eternity
when it was happening.

As Bravo Company left the perimeter to sweep the area the following morning they were greeted by
hand grenade-throwing NVA, tossing the grenades from well concealed spider holes. Bravo Company returned to the perimeter and called for Spookie to make a few passes over the enemy positions.
Alfa Company was dropped off four kilometers north of Crook by the 187th Assault helicopter company to spoil
the enemy's morning retreat. There, following a trail of communications wire, they met head-on with the
NVA Regiment's headquarters, and the soldiers engaged the enemy in a long afternoon firefight.
Darkness forced the company to return to base before the enemy casualties could be determined.

Shortly after midnight on June 7th, 1969 a fresh regiment of NVA massed on the north side of our FSB.
We thought, "Why didn't they combine forces and attack?"
A typical case of non- communication or plain stupidity? Who knows? Maybe they tried and failed?
This attack was similar to the first, a heavy barrage of mortar, rockets and RPGs and before the barrage
lifted the NVA sent in sappers charging across the open area, cleared by US Army Engineers
(And Agent Orange) while first building the FSB, toward the perimeter.
They seemed to be in a suicide charge carrying bangalore style (Long tubular style explosive)
charges to penetrate the concentina wire around our perimeter.
They were thinking they could blow a gap in the wire and allow hordes of NVA troop to
charge in and take over our base.

We lowered our 105mm howitzers and let them have it...
We wondered if they were on drugs, you could blow them almost half in two and they would
continue to come, crawling the best they could.

Two soldiers of the Bravo Company laid machine gun fire (burned up the M-60 Barrel) and grenades
from a M-79 Grenade launcher on the sappers along with our 105's they were finished quick!
The NVA regrouped and came back with another attack from the north and again our 105's along with
Bravo Company smoked them/finished them off.

A last ditch effort was made from the north where the initial attack had occurred.
A soldier turned on the onrushing enemy with his M-60 machine gun and the enemy answered with a
wave of rocket propelled grenades (RPGs). Bravo Company had constructed the fortifications well.
The bunkers and fighting positions received direct hits and withstood them.
Helicopters dropped illumination all night as our A Battery fired round after round at the charging enemy.
Just as on the previous night, the artillery from Tropic Lightning's powerful firebases cut the enemy's path of retreat.

It was another Victory for the 25th Infantry Division,

Bravo Company 3/22 Infantry (Walking Regulars)



Alpha Battery 7/11 Field Artillery (On Time, On Target)!

The NVA had paid dearly for two days of fighting,
399 NVA solders LESS to make the trip back to Hanoi!

The worst part about it was one Bravo Company soldier lost his life defending us at FSB Crook.



In Honor of

This SAD LOSS and one we will NEVER forget!


I dedicate this page to him and the Brave Warriors of
"A" (Alpha) & "B" (Bravo) Company 3/22 Infantry (Walking Regulars)
who helped us,
"A" (Alpha) Battery 7/11 Field Artillery (On Time On Target),
fight off the NVA those Dark nights In RVN

Vist a friend from A Battery 7/11 Artillery


FSB Crook 1969