graphics-here are some graphics i made for you guys, feel free to take any, just remember to link me.

my cliques-some of the cliques i made..join them if you like

custom banners-well you can still look at them, but this section is still closed, it'll re-open soon i have too many orders to do now though.

no copying-get some anti-copying graphics here!

my award-win my's not that hard (hey that rhymes!)

dolls-here are some dolls i gathered from everywhere

get rated-get your site rated here

rated sites-here are the rated sites :)

me u web-ideas or themes for me you and web

site names- having problems picking a name for your new site? here's ome ideas...

movie mistakes-movie bloopers people made in movies, you never really notice them until you read these!

link me-even though i've changed my site name to blue rain, my lil banners still say blue rainbow..oh well. please take one if you took one of my graphics

past layouts-my past layouts, the good, the bad, the ugly.

add your link-add your link here!

handwriting analysis-see what your handwriting means (even though this is probably fake, do it for fun!)

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