Since Angelfire only allows 5mb of space, and i had used up 4.5, i downsized. Sorry, but i deleted the pages that i figured were'nt very original, and that people didn't visit anyway, :). i deleted my lyrix page, which took up a lot of room, but i bet you that no one ever visited it. And my webring. That only 8 people joined so there's really no point in keeping it. I did have a may flowers layout all ready to go after april showers, but i don't know, i got bored of it, i guess. So, i threw this one together, sorry if it looks like @$#* but i have something else in mind, so i'll change some things around later, i just had to change this one because april's over. Whew! that took long! Well, that about it! Oh, and if you wanna be linked, email me, but you hafta link me too.~Christina
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