-There's a scene where a woman from steerage takes her 2 kids to their room as the boat is sinking and tells them a happily-ever-after story which we assume means they're giving up hope of escaping and planning to go down with the boat. Also, in the same sequence, an old couple clutches each others' hands as water wells up next to their bed. Later, after we've all cried over the death of the woman and 2 kids, they are in a large scene in the background hopping on a lifeboat.

-In the scene where Jack and his friend are standing on the bow looking at the dolphins swimming ahead of the ship, the dolphins are clearly Pacific white-sides, not any Atlantic species.

-When Jack comes to the first class dinner, Molly asks him if he'd care to escort her to dinner (Rose is already on his other arm). He says certainly and they link arms - Rose-Jack-Molly. Then the camera cuts to focus on Cal who's walking ahead of the group. When you look behind Cal, Molly is walking all by herself with no sign of Jack or Rose. [If you look carefully you can actually see Jack and Rose to the far left of the picture - either they separated quickly or there was an intervening shot which got cut].

-When the order is given to turn in one direction to avoid the iceberg, and the wheel is spun in the opposite direction, this is a mistake. Apparently orders have always been given in terms of the direction the boat is meant to go, so the sailor DOES turn the wheel in the wrong direction.

-When Rose is trying to rescue Jack she spies a fire axe. Smashing all the glass out from the holder she grabs the axe and turns round. The next camera shot shows Rose standing in front of the case with almost all of its glass intact.

-During the whole scene where Kate Winslet is floating around in the freezing water, she realises that even though her man has died, she must go on. So she proceeds to grab a METAL whistle to alert help. Now if you've ever stuck your tongue on a cold metal object, you know that it will stick, so how can we be expected to believe that it doesn't stick to hers?

-When the Titanic has gone down, one of the boats comes back to pick up survivors, the man on the boat shouts: "Can anybody hear me?" and a clear echo answers him. But how? There's nothing around to create the echo.....

-Young Rose has green eyes, but Old Rose has blue eyes.

-When Jack hands Rose the note at the dinner table the paper is yellow. Later when the note is read the paper is white.

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