-At the very end when Sidney finds out who is doing the killing , and she's fighting and wrestling around on the floor with the killer, one minute she has these black sneakers on, and the next minute she's wearing her boots when she walks through the door.

-At the end, Courteney Cox tries to fire the gun but it doesn't work and she gets knocked out. The killer then makes a comment about the safety being off. Later on, when she uses the gun properly, she says that she remembered the safety that time. How could she have known what the killer said when she was unconscious? I don't think she did work it out for herself - she seemed fairly confused when the gun didn't work.

-In the opening scene, Drew Barrymore put the Jiffy Pop on and it sizzled right away. In reality, it takes about ten minutes to heat up. And also she should have shaken it when it started sizzling.

-In the beginning, when Billy is leaving Sidney's room, he climbs out the window and walks away, which isn't possible because all the roofs on the house are slanted and it's at least a two story house.

-After Courtney Cox runs to the van when she's being chased, she hops into the van and throws it into reverse, guns it, then slams on the brakes, and the body falls down onto the windshield. Slamming on the brakes after going in reverse would cause the body to fall the other way, toward the back of the van.

-When Gale and Kenny are watching the monitor in the van with the killer behind Randy you hear Gale shout Jamie (his real name) instead of Randy.

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